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BREXIT: Irish Sea border is a trap (Ann Widdecombe)  


Olly Connelly
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10th August 2020 19:38 pm  
Anne Widdecombe is correct.
Daily Brexit vocalised this, citing distinct trust problems with Boris "Get Brexit Done!" Johnson, and faux-Brexit-really-BlueRinser groups like The Bruges Group banned me and others for repeatedly stating the #facts about the Irish Sea border which will not only hurt the NI alliance but which will also be used as a nationalist rallying cry in Scotland.
BORIS IS A PROVEN LIAR and only Trump's reelection will secure true Brexit. But it is complacency and false friends in fake Brexit groups that are most likely to scupper our bid for sovereignty.
HINT: Brexit = leave CU + leave SM + leave ECJ.
... WE HAVE NONE OF THAT, not back in Jan, not now. Tick tock.
(Stay alert. Keep pressuring. NO COMPLACENCY.)

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