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#ELECTION2020: A Letter To America

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[I wrote the first chunk of this last week, here's the rest. Of course, I can't share it on FB 'cos they're banning my #election2020 posts, as per!]
If Donald J Trump is not re-elected for a second term as President of the United States it will lead to the biggest human tragedy in a generation, maybe in a hundred years, possibly even in the course of our known history. His removal is an event that would have far-reaching implications not just in his nation but throughout the world, it would affect us all, living or unborn.
You may think this President vain, narcissistic, bombastic, uncouth, and you'd be right, he is those things. Yet those are not primary characteristics to fret over in a global leader at a point in history such as this.
So what is this 'point in history'?
I am 50-plus years of age and, through my time, I have seen the opportunity of humankind serially cashed in by corrupt leadership throughout the Western world. Particularly in the UK and in the US, two countries that I have studied particularly, it has become clear how a succession of immoral leaders with their cheaply-bought lieutenants have allowed our countries to be bled of treasure, of possibility and, on illegal battlefields, of our very people; in exchange for bribes, for anything from shiny trinkets to crony directorships, sometimes for silence, often for fame, for false legacies and for family gain. From the Thatchers and Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron, May, this has been the way; I've seen it with Bush-es both, with the Clintons, with Obama and with Biden. All of these, and their sergeants, have profited personally beyond their salaries, beyond public service and into the realms, at least, of nepotism, and generally into the territory of tremendous profit, all the while as our great beacons of global hope are sacked and reduced, impoverished and declined. In my time, such have been our establishments, never have I witnessed pure and benevolent public service but always the direct opposite and at a most terrific cost to our peoples.
In my time, as a tiny few have robbed us blind, I have seen our societies enslaved by debt and tax, our time stolen to the point we work not twice but thrice as hard per family, our liberty traded as global interests check our cultural heartlands and our minds deranged with our very intuition belittled and our common sense reprogrammed. All of this has been deliberate, our 'leaders' actually have conspired against us, their pockets filled, a strategy pursued, their plan not hidden but our eyes diverted, our worries short-term, our hopes most human, our delusion profound.
We have been hoodwinked, deceived by traitors, so long coming yet incredible to see, yet here we are, no longer sleep-walking but sprinting now, lemming-like, into tyranny.
This is the New World Order, made clear by so many, by ALL of the above, commonly stated, prized and the prospect even boasted of. But it was only a phrase, this "New World Order", with no meaning to most, rarely discussed, never debated, far less mandated, our day-to-day elsewhere, our thoughts astray and with trace glance at long term, engrossed in short term, our attention diverted, our guard naive, limp, disabled, cynically perverted.
In my time, conditioned such we are, we trusted our leaders. Despite our deterioration, we hoped and thought the best, we were wrong, and here we are.
Our God-given logic should tell us this virus is hyped. When before have we measured a virus, decisions based not on its effect but on its infection? And from experts that point out their tests are fallible, even a common cold in one's distant past said officially to be capable of eking a positive diagnosis, Boris Johnson having said only 7% of the PCR tests can be relied upon, and official EU stats showing year-on-year European death rates being lower excepting in Spain. Besides, do you care if you or yours have this COVID-19, or are you concerned as to its possible effect? Do we not understand the basic principles of our immune systems, that we require foreign bodies to shore up and preserve us? Is the bottom line not that we are infected with this, with anything, but that our bodies are working to eliminate risk and to be stronger for the process, to become immune?
COVID can be dangerous. So too can be its cousin the flu, albeit miraculously inept last year and this, consider that. And so are many, many things dangerous, everyday things. Right now, from where I sit and given the stats and the docs, it strikes me that this virus is far less dangerous than the response, the fear induced by info pushers, by pencil pedlars and vaccine sellers, and most incredibly by a global cartel of inexpert careerists in government, teaching us how to starve, how to shed our social character and how to depend not on ourselves but on an intrusive State.
While before we may have suspected that things weren't quite right, now, suddenly perhaps, we have a slew of evidence. No longer are we allowed to listen to our bodies, to rely on common sense, to call on intuition. Due protections, yes please, but not overwrought hysteria given a tiny fatality of the very elderly or 'those with pre-existing conditions'. Doctors are pressured or bribed to add 'COVID-19' to death certificates, the tests don't work and far less provide a reason to panic, the masks are unscienced and unholy-unnatural for social beings, the lockdowns are random and overtly politicised and the advisors are invested, Big Pharma brokers. Candidly, what a pile of quack.
So what's the game? We know the game. They've told us the game. The New World Order, in a bid for UN-led global government to sound less intimidating, has been rebranded into the new-fangled Great Reset: a wonderful 'surprise opportunity' where 'we' can "Build Back Better" to reform this world, to strip the human race of one's self-determination, of one's individuality, of one's talents, one's character, and instead to have its numbers succumb to a faux-fab new society where we own nothing but are owned by Society or, more truthfully, by a few elites running the show. It encapsulates Agenda 2030, where nations are neutered and cultures raised down, rich histories erased and opinion despised, our peoples rounded up into giant cities where they'll be homogenised into a puerile soup of pathetic, a tiny few set to decide our fate, the individual outcast, despised and hated. It encapsulates artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, powered by 5G, where each and every aspect of our lives from tea-making to bowel movements can be monitored and controlled. Much of this will be convenient, and many tasks far safer, the trade being free speech and thought, a quiet life, choice and personal privacy, exchanged by diktat for the ultimate in Big Brother surveillance and provided the curtain dwellers continue to deign to allow you to be online, to trade, to do anything at all, or even just to exist.
We're on the verge of living in this Bond villain scenario where our lives can become imprisoned, sanctioned or ended at the flick of a finger, it has been decided for us, behind closed doors, plutocracy metamorphasised into this all-powerful technocracy, the old family lineages made rich through war, banking, energy, drugs and food supply joined now by the Big Tech addendum, their overall pitch drip-fed to us by their mass media machine. There is no debate, there is no mandate, we are expected to comply, you are to accept that your job or business must be destroyed, your purpose re-purposed, your family physically divided, you and your children State-owned - right now - and, when you don't agree, their police will and do beat you up, young or old, white or black, they don't care, their puppet politicians, a 'democratic' fiction, no more useful than an empty stare.
This is 1984. This is the death knell for personal human endeavour. Humans made simple, our 'betters' exceptional. Dare to think beyond the 'norm' and your chip's turned off and "Tough!" And your neighbour will laugh at your demise, because you were being silly, and deserved your plight, and that is how your neighbour can convince itself that it is happy and fulfilled when actually he or she is inextricably confused, dehumanised, enslaved, the walking dead.
You think I'm loco? Then do us all a favour, because none of this is not in the public domain, and look it up. Got kids? Definitely, get off Strictly, the soaps and the soccer and, for goodness sake, look it up. No kids? Have some respect anyhow, we hold this world in trust so, please, turn off the phone, pap pundits and porn, and look it up.
Some of us have been expecting this scenario. Events like 9/11 - self-satirised, Strangelove-like, by Building 7 having been so clearly demolished (Trump said so on the day, of the Towers - "controlled demolition" - live on telly) and by Dick Cheney's psychotic command to stand down NORAD while planes flew about for hours bumping into buildings - and the subsequent "War on Terror" that was always only ever a contrived war on liberty, not least an excuse to wage illegal war on the wrong countries while drumming up an exodus of hateful hornets, woke us up. Many had been awake for much longer, and we thought them quirky, many died ridiculed, we largely still are, enough of us have shared enough knowledge no longer to care, instead to feel empathy for those so desperately seeking denial for the sake of their sanity. The sand is safe, even tyranny offers hope, stupidity provides salvation, and Orwell was quite brilliant.
I apologise. Now I'm being savage. And that is not fair, perhaps. We have been deceived. Us humans have a great heart, we want the best, we expect the best, we wish for the best, and all that is beautiful, and it is ghastly that perhaps our finest quality, our innate tendency to trust or at least to hope, has been so sickeningly used against us. Not just us mere mortals, us 'ordinary' people - who are never ordinary, by the way - but often also well-meaning officials and influencers. Even the names above aren't entirely bad (perhaps that's a stretch for Tony Blair) and certainly weren't to begin with. Actually, all of us, each and every one of us human beings, we have all been coerced, manipulated by a system where the few are recruited, corrupted, then complicit or speak out and you're out, and so it goes on, this despicable system and, as our social networks from family to businesses and clubs all attest, this is a self-perpetuating social model.
...In short: pyramids work, and on a need-to-know basis.
There is a key element to the social pyramid that I've not yet touched on but that, a professional turned vocational journalist myself, is particularly close to my heart, and that is journalism. Ie, where is it? It is there, there are some great conveyors of the most hazardous ingest that is info, but they are a tiny minority, nearly all instead being hacks or even shills - actors - offering not balanced news or honest opinion but far worse, spewing views masquerading as news. In other words, liars and deceivers, agenda-driven frauds, most often, in fairness, because they need a wage, but nonetheless the combined result is disaster, and that is what we are witnessing. Together with their media mates it is these corrupted fakes, managed by corrupted fakes whose employers are corrupted fakes that are owned by the deeply corrupted and uncorrectable, the capstone elite, that shape our opinion, that programme us, that have brainwashed us and who do plutocracy's bidding to herd and control us, and on the whole, 'till now at least, their snake oil has had us thoroughly poisoned, divided-ruled, dumbed down, fearsome, distracted, and pliable.
In effect, politicians are not the worst of us, nor even the ivory-towered that tell them what to do. The worst of us, in effect, is the 4th estate, because it is that that is supposed to hold power to account and, far from doing so, news outlets routinely collude with power to depower us. Food comes with warnings and labels; trust me, so should 'news'.
Most of you, I suspect, already know this last bit or, if you don't and in the internet age, just like me, you're learning fast. The defining events of our time are shrouded in lies. The most relevant examples are "Orange Man Bad!" and "RUSSIANS!!" In terms of leadership, how is Trump bad and, aside perhaps from making the mistake of using some pretty typical bar room banter to boast about female conquest, what actually has he ever done or said that is bad? "He's racist," is the oft-riposte. Except he isn't. Go find the quote, by all means, in context, and correct me. Ditto his misogyny: he isn't misogynistic, he's a man and, guess, what, most men like women, that's why we're all here. His media-managed reputation is one big smear. And as for his 'Russian corruption', Mueller found nothing, precisely nothing and oh boy did he try, and indeed it turns out that it was Obama, Clinton and Biden among others who were complicit precisely along the lines of what the media lied was Trump's malfeasance. Trump's impeachment offers another fine example of so-called 'journalists' hacking truth to death, telling us the President was pressuring a foreign leader into investigating a potential political opponent before finding no evidence but nonetheless giving cover to a political impeachment ultimately for petty technical reasons instead, an impeachment that not a single Republican Congressman agreed with and that in another tellingly partisan vote was mocked by the Senate. It has subsequently turned out that, just as with the media's cherished Democrats having interfered illegally in a Presidential campaign, and not Trump, it was Democrat Biden who used the Vice-Presidency not just to pressure but to bribe a foreign nation into sacking the lawyer investigating his son's scandal-clad business. Trump is not only exonerated, it is clear he was right to want to investigate the Bidens, not least a Vice President with security clearance and then-prospective presidential nominee having a proven record of using High Office for family gain, of being compromised and susceptible to blackmail, in turn endangering the country and the Western alliance. Dammit, Joe Biden even carved out deals with Xi Jinping while offloading Stateside jobs to China, his son has cut deals (and possibly crack cocaine) with China's top spy, the media's choice Joe having denied nothing and who remains accused of using Obama's White House as a racketeering scam and worse, of being in the pocket of a despotic nuclear state and the kind of regime that operates concentration camps. Ye Gods.
If you trust the media, I ask you, given the Biden's non-denial of the above densely evidenced allegations, WHERE ARE THE QUESTIONS?
Regarding the media, streuth, I could go on, and on, and on and on and on. But I won't, there isn't time and your tea's gone cold, and we must all get on with our day. But there's some reality, some truth about the 'truth-tellers': almost in their entirety, they are hypocritical liars, a menace to society, disingenuous about free speech, bereft of balance and more dangerous than any politician such is their power and given a duly conditioned public trust. They work for global forces, not for America, and far less for the American people, or for any regular people anywhere, or at least in the English-speaking world whose caustic rags and politicised personnel I can more easily comprehend, and some of which I have worked with.
So here we are, a few mere days from Election Day, and America has a choice. Your choice, not that of the media, and a very simple choice to any of us that have managed the time to research the above, and here it is.
You can choose the career politician, as if the idea of that isn't sickly enough, you can choose the "Build Back Better" guy; that's right, you can choose the guy with the Great Reset slogan, such is their blatancy: you can choose the New World Order. You can choose the end of the United States of America, the foreclosing on your Dream, the China-pal crook that wants you muzzled, locked-down, taxed, overrun, and ultimately communised. You can choose packed courts, you can choose no way back. And not just him: ditto your Congress-person-it-they-thing, ditto your Senator; you can vote Democrat, for China, the UN, for violence, for AntiFa, for Soros; you can vote dementia, or really for Kamala but, either way, you can choose a demented "dark Winter".
Or you can choose the orange guy, he that, like him or not - and sure he could be the ultimate psyop but dammit to hell that would be one hell of a psyop - a guy who has never been caught in a lie, exaggeration for sure, hype I'm sure, but positive too I'm sure, encouragement assured, as surely leaders should be. You can vote for the businessman who brought jobs back from China, who scrapped NAFTA, who saw through the Great Reset and told it where to go, who ripped up the TPP, who created jobs, factories and energy independence; you can choose the bloke that built a border and stands on it, that stood up for soldiers, for vets, for the police, for law, for order, for families, for kids, that socks it to human traffickers, who jailed Catch and Release and released Biden's jailed; you can choose the peacenik who just bothered to go to Korea and only the second President in my lifetime - Carter too - that has #not #gone #to #war, the "He's Orange!" candidate nominated for four Nobel Peace Prizes for his work with Israel and the Arabs, in the Balkans and for his efforts to #end #endless #war. You can choose the guy the globalists cannot tolerate, that their globalls media denigrates, carps about, that their every column castigates, that their Big Tech seeks to obliterate; he who dares to put his country first as every leader should, that believes in its people over politics, in culture, in choice, in respect, in values, in common decency, the guy that trusts in God.
In short, you can choose a fast-track to totalitarianism, a one-way ticket to a dystopian nightmare... or you can choose your liberty.
I submit to you, having researched the facts and refused the spin, that the choice is not difficult. Your conditioning, then again, you might please consider. Do not allow the media, any pundit - including me - to programme your vote. You vote, fully aware: vote on the basis of truth.
God's Speed America. Many of us, from over the pond and beyond, we're very fond of you, your ingrained pioneering spirit that, whatever mistakes your nation has made, you represent, that you have demonstrated time and again, and the promise of which can take you to brighter and more brilliant days ahead. You are a beacon of hope in a world at grave risk now - right now - of losing its freedom. You do lead the way, the rest of us will follow: we will have our cultures and sovereignty intact, throughout this world, with the chance for great improvement, else we will all of us, at your behest, see our nations fall, destroyed; our peoples lost, ruined, enslaved.
So hey, no pressure!
Please. Think. VOTE.
(And for pity's sake, Mr President, kindly drain that bloody swamp. High hopes for T2, now you've cleared a path.)
This and all my content may be shared.
Here's to us, everywhere, #WeThePeople, and bugger plutocracy.
Olly Connelly
Producer, Daily Chaos
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Olly Connelly
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