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GREAT RESET: Get Serious, Connect the Groups or It's Over. Your Choice.

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While we have disparate groups that are not marching in lockstep - is it not obvious given the globalist power? - we are lambs to the slaughter.

People must decide: am I happy with this fast-cementing totalitarian dystopia, or am I prepared to fight for liberty?

CONNECT THE GROUPS. (Start with the veterans, both old school cops and soldiers.)

We need a revolution. Not bloody, still no more than a General Strike which, ironically, is not quite such a stretch given the numbers now barely working. But walking down the street, for example here in Valencia, a few days after Madrid said "no more masks in the open air" yet with circa 15% of even the under 30s including teenagers still donning theirs, such is their conditioning - if anything my stat is conservative, perhaps half the actual stupor - well, I don't see that required public outcry. Not at all.
The demo in London was wonderful to see but, again I wonder, is it enough? We know it is not.
Evidence of similar conditioning in the UK is the applause even in our comparatively wide-eyed community for GB News, yet has that "saviour of conservative news" bothered to question the PCRs, the excuse for all the travesty of the last year-plus, for toppling democracy even in the capstone USA and therefrom throughout our Western World, for mass manslaughter as best we can tell, for the most grotesque and unnecessary fear, for tyranny absolutely on a global scale? Have these 'journalists' bothered to ask, bar glibly, about the mental health situation, the suicides, the fact the NHS is now mostly useless, that that great protector has effectively been ruined in mere months, about the Great Reset, about the UN Migration Compact... ABOUT ANYTHING THAT IS ACTUALLY FUNDAMENTAL AT ALL? And that's without looking at Neil's record at never actually asking the questions that really mattered about anything, ever. #Hopium: Neil is no more genuine than Q or Ben Fulford. GB News is controlled opposition, obviously, and the fact that it is so widely lauded illustrates our struggle, is testament to the conditioning, the desperation, the heads in the sand within our ranks, and yet these ranks contain so many of our relatively woken community and that, perhaps above all, is starkly worrying.
Meanwhile, as blatant fakestream and controlled opposition Pied-Piper us, lemming-like, towards the cliff face, How many 'samients' - not variants, according to Pfizer's Yeadon - must be used to continue this despotism before people wake up?
The Jews mostly stayed in Nazi Germany, hoping for the best, well past Kristallnacht. We should remember that. To foresee the future, to have some understanding of the dangers ahead, one looks to and learns from the past. It has been more subtle, perhaps, but we've seen our Kristallnacht already - businesses ransacked, families divided, lives trashed or even ended - and we've too few done too little, and the globalist mouthpiece the msm is still calling the shots. Now they're telling us, openly - brazenly - that having more 'vaccine' deaths than 'COVID' deaths is path to the course and to be expected. The lies are off the scale and, as Goebbels boasted, big lies told often enough, they work.
The propaganda of our time, now perversely obese, is working.
We must be clear about the precarity of our situation, the hill so steep we must surmount. It is past time for every adult to decide what they want from their lives and - need it be said? - for those they leave behind.
Right now, again in the UK for example, people are looking forward to the next deadline, the 19th of July. Again, some of us are wondering, when that deadline is yet again 'Brextended' (Brino forever in NI?!. "Oh but Boris gave us Brexit, you leftie, and, er, let's ignore Border Force, not BoJo's fault, besides he's so chummy!"), will people stand and say "ENOUGH." Will you, your partner, your family, your neighbour? We all must. ALL.
My opinion, reckoning that even scamalot governments see they're running out of lies, is that we can expect a major false flag before the 19th, most likely, and most easily and conveniently, a global economic collapse when they merely stop spinning that Ponzi's plates, assisting their next move into the underlying goal of their non-mandated yet stated drive for a New World Order, their Great Reset. But who knows, I guess they'll mix in another samiant for good measure, and God knows what else. I do not see how a few scattered groups can remotely cope with countering the ensuing propaganda surrounding that. We cannot continue to play catch-up. We need to stop fiddling, to ignore those who are not taking matters seriously, and to consider such with an attitude in tune with the severity of events, and given an understanding of just where these events might lead. We shall see the Cabalist plan to crush the economy and to bring in a totalitarian China model unfold but whatever that is, going forward, unfortunately decent forward-thinking people have few cards to play... unless enough not only wake up but decide to participate in this war for our freedom which, now, is reaching a crescendo.
Let's be clear. Churchill would never have beaten the Nazis without being realistic about the struggle. He drafted the US (and even that may not have been enough, had not Hitler choked on Russia). Our struggle is greater. We must draft the sleeping public, the police and the army, in nations around the world. Are you going to help with that? It's your call: accept autocracy or fight for liberty. The buck stops with each and every one of us.
On this trajectory, things will get far worse still over the next several months as us frogs go from simmer to boil and, then finally, the ultimate question for those who can shift the balance: will cops and soldiers remember that they have kids and family? (They didn't seem much to care about that after #election2020.) We need to ensure that they do. I suggest we start by calling upon our veterans.
This isn't a pitch for despondency, Blitz spirit is required! #Keep #talking. #Get #active. CONNECT DISPARATE GROUPS because divided we fall or together we have an outside chance. And, sure, marching and whatever else, that's all we've got, until there is a Great Awakening.
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