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UK NHS: Does Trump ...
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UK NHS: Does Trump want to include it in a trade deal? He said "No."

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This US-NHS story started when Trump was asked, at a press conference with Theresa May in London, whether the NHS might constitute part of a trade deal.

He didn't know what the "NHS" was and turned to May to ask, she whispered something hurriedly, and he turned back and said words to the effect of "Yes, everything is on the table."

The media went ballistic but it was clear Trump hadn't grasped in the presser quite what he was referring to or at least certainly not the sentiment of the British to the health service and within a very few days, asked the same question again, this time at a White House press briefing, he U-turned entirely from his original statement to say something like, "No, the NHS will not be part of any trade negotiation". It was clear from his delivery, this time, that he knew exactly what he was talking about.

(I saw both pressers, heard both questions, both answers.)

Since then the media has been quick to seize on the original statement but to ignore the latter.

I'm not saying the US will stick to this, and I'm not saying there may be third party trade clauses indirectly affecting the NHS, but as far as I know that remains the official position of the US Administration, that the NHS is off the table.

So far as the media is concerned though, well: "RUSSIANS!"

(This does not mean BoJo's Tories, as did Blair's Liebor, won't privatise elements of the NHS. Branson awaits!)


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I almost wish it was in the trade deal.  Needs radical reform without doubt.  I don't think Joe Public realises that we have some of the worst survival rates pretty much anywhere for a number of diseases.  And apparently it costs the average tax payer well over £4k per year.  Insane.


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