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DC now on Telegram...

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Hey folks, this has been a request from some of you over the last little while so here are the details. I'll be looking into embedding at least the chatroom (the Group) here too. Basically trying to open up our options for debate.

Lots have subscribed there today which is really very splendid.

// DC on TG: there's a 'Group' and a 'Channel', here are the subscription links and the descriptions.

GROUP: Chatroom for DailyChaos.News: https://chao.click/telegram-group
...have a chat, share stuff, stay in touch

CHANNEL: Updates/newsletter from DailyChaos.News: https://chao.click/telegram-channel
...DC site updates & weekly newsletter *

* Same as the site's newsletter by email which goes out for the first time this week.

// What's chao.click/somelink?

It's DC's personalised links service. It allows a permanent, memorable link to redirect to a link that can be changed if necessary ie when the group gets trolled.

chao.click itself redirects to dailychaos.news. #geeksRus, ha.

// What group should I subscribe to?

Both! (I'm biased.)

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