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[Sticky] Warning: Fresh Paint! (What we can do here.)

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Hey folks,

Thanks for turning up. Good start!

dailychaos.news revolves around its community, so that's us, and this forum is the hub of that. Here, as well as discussing the news and having a rant, we can:-

  • message other members or even create message groups to keep in touch
    • goto Profile > Messages
  • upload all sorts of media types, fantastic for storing and sharing resources
    • just drag your files into Add Topic
  • embed audio and videos, creating a library of essential viewing
    • just add the link in Add Topic and the embed is automagic
  • create polls in topics
  • share posts and topics to social networks VK, Twitter, Facebook and to WhatsApp
  • subscribe to forums or topics by email or RSS
  • probably something else but I need a pee so I'll keep it short.

So this is pretty powerful functionality, the ambition being to create a hyper-handy set of tools and resources for effective activism, a learning zone, and a highly interactive place to have some fun.

I'll be rolling out more site features along the way, but this forum - our community - is the key.

Enjoy it, and thank you, thank you for getting involved.

Here's to us.


Olly Connelly
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