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8 Year Old Girl, Mother and Grandfather drown in their new home swimming pool  


Jay Carey
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25th June 2020 13:45 pm  



The woman who was killed along with her family was heavily involved in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. She worked as US Program Officer and oversaw over $17bn in Federal Grants & budget spending. Of course CNN would not have you know that and just say these are 3 regular people all drowned in the same pool at the same time!


Further investigation shows the woman who suspiciously downed along with her grandfather and 8 year old daughter has the same name as the Bill Gates Foundation staff (Nisha Patel) who recently tweeted she is not the same person who died. Just had the same name.


 Still suspicious to have 3 people drowned at the same time in a pool.

Olly Connelly
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1st July 2020 15:20 pm  

bloody coronavirus, huh Razz  

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