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COVID: Social Networks Join MSM to Censor Sceptical Doctors

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These are doctors who say Big Pharma, government officials and the mainstream media are lying about COVID with "fake science", that they are creating unwarranted fear, are suppressing important information about hydroxychloroquine and are shutting down liberties and creating unemployment and mass poverty all around the world, AND THAT THEY ARE KILLING PEOPLE.


Why are social networks - who are not doctors yet who have proven links to government - joining the mainstream media in trying to cover this up?
Why is the mainstream media not reporting properly on this alleged scandal?
Is this - this COVID thing where the US Center for Disease Control admits those that test positive may merely have had a common cold at some point in their life - really a dangerous pandemic, or is it being used as a means to try to derail the anti-globalist Trump Presidency at the November elections by being cynically used to call for postal ballots which in turn can be more easily rigged?
The war for our liberty is being played out right here on social media. As one of the doctors today pointed out, the 'fact-checkers' at the likes of Facebook are not being reasonable, "they are acting like Nazi guards".
This post will likely be removed by Facebook, such is their record not least with the press conference that is linked here. Whether or not I am banned hangs in the balance from day to day, many of my truth-seeking colleagues have been banned.
... You can nonetheless follow this and similarly important news stories, #uncensored, over at https://dailychoas.news .
Sign up for free speech and to get the information you and your family are being denied by these 'social' frauds:-
Here's to us, here's to free speech, here's to fair questions, AND BUGGER PLUTOCRACY!

Olly Connelly
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