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EPSTEIN: When is MS...
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EPSTEIN: When is MSM going to question Peter Mandelson's links to the sex trafficker?  


Olly Connelly
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23rd June 2020 14:41 pm  

This is from Epstein's infamous black book, listing a dozen points of contact to the EUro-luv Blairite Peter Mandelson, including "Peter's direct line" and one for his partner. There are separate entries also for Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell.

Did Epstein have incriminating evidence against any of these arch-globalists? And if Epstein was, as widely suspected, a MOSSAD spy, might they have been compromised?

Where are the questions? Are these not fair questions?

Just asking!

peter mandelson je

Meanwhile, apparently Mandy wants to lead the WTO. What could possibly go wrong?


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