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FB EXPOSED: Fact-Checkers Largely Dem Donors and ex-CNN

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Facebook fact-checkers "staffed almost entirely by Democratic donors, half of whom had worked for CNN in the past. A quarter of the employees were recurring Democratic donors ... founder Perry Sanders has donated over $10,000 to Democratic political campaigns, including Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s presidential runs ... Gita Smith, was listed in 99 separate small-dollar donations to various Democratic candidates ... Alan Duke spent nearly three decades with CNN ... Monte Plott spent over a decade with [CNN] ... Five other names on the group’s masthead had also worked at CNN at some point."

So when you get your next ban for having an opinion or asking some questions, ^^^.

(This profile is shadowbanned, @DailyChaosNews (formerly @DailyBrexit) has been censored for years and currently I'm group-banned for sharing a post from a doctor who questions the narrative on hydroxychloroquine. See you over at https://dailychaos.news.)



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