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Hats off to George Soros. He's done it again! [OP-ED]  


Jay Carey
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16th June 2020 11:51 am  

Say what you will about the man who refers to himself as the "Self-Loathing Jewish Philanthropist", the man is a master in the art of public manipulation.

The man who in his own words described his most enjoyable times "with my father ratting out the Jews to the Nazis" and often boasts about his actions leading to the South Africa Civil War.

We know this man, who founded the Open Society Foundation, purports to be a force for good in the world but then we take a look at his 'contributions' and wonder whether this is all based on a single, definitive, ulterior motive that is hiding behind the obfuscation of human weakness i.e fear of being singled out. 

Let's take the repeatedly reported Black Lives Matter movement which is part of a much bigger and more organized network known as the Sunrise Movement of which AntiFa is also a member.



The Sunrise Movement in the simplest terms is a Marxist ideological group of people who want everything Black Lives and AntiFa want. They also head the Climate Change Agenda through Extinction Rebellion. They want to get rid of Police and self-police themselves. They want to attack all facets of Society without ever going after the reason Societal equality and well being is at an all time low. 

That motive in itself is suspicious. After all why would you want to end Capitalism, Government and Law & Order to return to a form of tribalism but keep the Privately owned Federal Reserve Banking system and Wall Street in the process? Most people know the problem with Society is not the people but the way money and corruption in the highest levels operates to keep that wealth in the hands of those who are doing the most harm.

So Soros' Black Lives Matter is supposed to be about the terrible act of Slavery hundreds of years ago as well as the perceived systemic racism inherent in the system correct?

But how do you know there is inherent systemic racism in the system? Well that's where the whole thing is manufactured. There is no way you could amass support this huge unless you controlled certain Media and Politicians Opinions and with Soros being a very wealthy man it's not really that difficult to bribe the right people to say the right things. 

Soros' philanthropic movement would not get the attention it is currently getting were it not for a complicit mainstream media openly advocating race wars based on an event that happened to a single Black Man at the hands of a Police Officer in a story full of plot holes (CCTV reporting a 12 hour gap between the Arrest and the Murder, Floyd having hair when he is arrested but being clean shaven when being killed, video showing that during the event that lasted 8 minutes 46 seconds nobody was filming in the location you would expect that shot to come from, Chauvin and Floyd working together in a Nightclub known to be a target for Child Trafficking and Money Laundering, Floyds Freemason connections, Chauvins neighbors having no idea he was even a Cop, etc).

Think about that. Also ask yourself why did the same thing happen in 2016 also approximately 6 months before a Presidential Election? Why do Black Lives only Matter in the 6 months prior to an Election?

You may say it didn't happen in 2012. Oh but it did. Remember Trayvon Martin? The African-American teenager shot dead by a neighborhood watch volunteer named George Zimmerman. Well apparently that was yet another catalyst for BLM to spring into action shortly after that event and coincidentally mere months before yet another Presidential Election. 

In fact, if you are looking for facts of course, Black Lives Matter, AntiFa and even ISIS did not exist before Obama became President and this was the man the media hailed as the answer to Black people's problems! Spoiler for those that don't follow history: He wasn't a force for good in either Black nor White communities. He was just another brainless Politician who's only skill was being Black. 

So let's look at the timeline here:


2020 - June (George Floyd) 

2016 - July (Anton Sterling)

2012 - February (Trayvon Martin)


These are the protests that garnered the most media attention but why these three and why within a Presidential Election year?

Coincidentally we had a Pandemic in each of those years!  

Well this is where the rabbit hole deepens. 


Let's look at the History of George Soros during these times and see if we can make a connection. 

It's no secret that Soros has been a pretty consistent donor of Democrat Campaigns but it's the BLM one we are currently interested in as this is supposed to be a spontaneous reaction to a Societal injustice rather than a planned left wing insurgency group right? 

Hate to burst your bubble here but if you are mourning the death of George Floyd and believe his death was just another result of Police systemic racism you are going to be disappointed. 

If you've not visited the Black Lives Matter website yet to see exactly what the demands are or even to donate your hard earned money then you'll probably not know all funds are being sent to a third party called Act Blue. I'll let the video explain what that means. 



So this money you are pledging to help the poor souls suffering as a result of evil Capitalism and Law & Order is actually going to the DNC and various Political Campaigns such as Bernies campaign and Bidens current run for the Presidency as well as Elizabeth Warren ? I thought this was supposed to be an apolitical movement?

Now what confuses me here is the Democratic Parties history relating to their time in Office and how BLM would ever consider them a viable option over Trump.

We're talking about a Party that in Detroit alone has managed to impoverish over 33% of the population and completely destroy workers rights through their corrupt unions. 

We're talking about a Party that in 2014 did a deal with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to ignore the results of a water test in Flint, Michigan that resulted in the whole town drinking toxic water and having to rely on Bottled Water. Roll onto 2020 and that issue has still not been resolved but all it would've taken was around $150 million to fix which is around the same amount Biden has been given as a result of this Black Lives Matter movement. 

Let's go to New York also run by Democrats. Highest crime rate in the developed world and BLM want to Defund the Police there? Are they insane?

But here's the problem. Trump supporters or at least some of them are going to be sucked in by what is clearly an attempt by the Democrat Party to cause a crisis then blame the President for inaction when it all becomes a mess which it inevitably will especially when you are releasing thousands of Prisoners in the Cities on the false narrative of CV19. 

In many ways the Democrats remind me of the Conservative Party under May where all she did at PMQs was hurl abuse at the opposition and blame them for everything despite the fact her party were in Government for years. 

I may have gone a little off topic here but the facts remain. Black Lives Matter and AntiFa are both products of the Democrat Party and the DNC but they are using an event and the obvious draw of 'not being racist' to fund their Presidential Campaign. It's despicable but I honestly think these people are getting pretty desperate now. Will it win them the Election? If it does then i would say that's probably the end of America as a democratic country. 

What are your thoughts? This Op-Ed is just the result of 5+ years observing the movements of Soros in relation to the Democratic Party.


Surely there's a tinge of illegality using a crisis and race wars as a way to fund a Presidential Election right?


Olly Connelly
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16th June 2020 11:57 am  

he and just a handful like him are the heart of the swamp

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