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The Guardian is getting desperate  


Jay Carey
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17th June 2020 14:01 pm  

Their biggest problem however is reporting impartial news and as public confidence drops in the UK media so too will their model used to spread disinformation. 

Don't give them that power and if you must know what they have to say without paying for the content you can use a handy tool that bypasses Paywalls called Outline. It doesn't work for every aggregate news outlet asking for money to report news but it's early days and the application will improve. 


BTW I very much doubt any of that is true on the second image. 

You should never have to pay for news and DailyChaos will be trawling the Web to find it for you. 

Olly Connelly
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18th June 2020 8:45 am  

damn right Jay, we'll aggregate.

hey, haven't Guardian been called out for being the product of slave trading, beneficiary thereof?! damned hypocrites.

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