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Fascinating to see how in recent weeks some key elements of the UK media have shown signs of waking up: glimmers of a question into their support for Biden (bit late, ta), some thread of realisation of the acute danger from China that, for example, now is poised to take Taiwan while the West continues to concern itself with divide-rule woke distractions, and now at last open debate about the Conservatives that simply are not conservative (and have not been since Thatcher was ousted by globalist puppets like Heseltine and Major).
One by one - painfully slowly - metro-hacks are extracting heads from the sand and rediscovering what they learnt at college: scrutiny.
There are two key questions they still need to ask. 1. Why is the establishment so desperately pushing a vaccine that doesn't vaccinate for a pandemic that isn't a pandemic and when the medicine is not even approved by, for example, the US FDA, ie and in the correct words of Congresswoman Greene last week "it is experimental"? 2. What is the role of this coronavirus hype in forging a path to the Great Reset, for example as admitted by Canada's unpatriotic anti-West leader Justin Trudeau? (Given that this is on record and that this New World Order has been feted by so many self-styled establishment elites, is the latter question D-Noticed?)
There is a chrysalis of awareness sweeping the West, the realisation that actually, yes, electorates are not being served by government who instead expect loyal voters to be subservient, cowed and obedient. Whether that leads, in time, to a tipping point of sufficient public awareness, IN TIME, we can only speculate.
The mainstream media has been trading reportage for useful idiot globalist dictation for far far far too long. In the UK BBC News is the prime example. The BBC remains entrenched in the malfeasant propagandist agenda, in 'post-truth' or what the common sensical would simply call 'bullshit'. But other quarters do show some promise, a few more and a few more columnists breaking ranks from the mindset of their luvvy Blairite Britain, perhaps to see the wood for the trees at last, perhaps to realise that not only we but that they, too, have been played (and that they too have children and families, or maybe just some rediscovered long-lost scruples.)
Whether we can stop this evil plutocratic juggernaut of global communist intent remains to be seen but, playing catch-up with reality, there is a little more hope as a few more lost journalists remember their pre-career personal vow to hold power to account.
Maybe I'm just being a tad optimistic, and for sure there are so-called news outlets that, like BoJo's Tories, simply continue to play both sides while the underpinning Editorial Policy remains bought and compliant (the post-Referendum Express is the best example of this deceitful chicanery). But there has been a shift in tone, if not yet in outright tune. (And by the way, I do not count GB News amongst the white hats. Andrew Neil is a fraud, a fully paid-up Club Member, and his shiny new network is a distraction, but then again its creation is proof that fakestream media has run out of places to hide, and that in itself is a super sign.)
The Fifth Estate - that's us, keyboard warriors - is absolutely forcing a rethink, at last, from the Fourth Estate.
There is a glimmer of hope, we should be encouraged, there is some visible progress.
So I say to you, take heart, see the progress, and don't give up.
Keep buggering on.
DM, for example, provides a weather vane, with an outbreak of sanity amidst the usual soup of pap:-
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