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Production notes for Daily Chaos (preliminary thoughts)

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1. The show is open-minded. (That's why we have Rodders on!)

It wants to hear from people from all walks of life, with all manner of opinions, and on a range of subjects but invariably rounded around geopolitics, social affairs and esoterics, the things that shape our existence. But hey, if you wanna pop on and talk about burning souffle or darning yer crochet, hey, that might just make for an entertaining break from the norm.

2. Can you help book the guest? (Not essential, can surely help though.)

Booking guests takes more time than anything else in the show's production so if you can assist that would be cool. But don't be discouraged if you can't, please make that suggestion, because perhaps someone else around here can help, and I will be devoting more time now to booking guests as well.

3. There's probably a 3, a 4 and more. I'll have to think about that. This post will doubtless expand.

Bottom line, while I'll tend to draw theme inspiration from what's going on in the news, please throw in some ideas, tangents are good. And please, help me get guests.



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