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BOOK: Fascism and Communism Are Two Sides of the Same Coin  


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17th August 2020 14:17 pm  

My latest book has come out called Fascism and Communism Are Two Sides of the Same Coin Part 1. Here is a synopsis as to what it is about:

I document four areas that show that Communism can be just as bad as Fascism.

In chapters 1-6 the establishment of communism in Russia is covered. This book reveals how the big central banks funded the Bolshevik revolution in Russia in 1917, the detail behind that support, and why we're taught what we are in schools. We’re informed that the Bolshevik revolution was an uprising by the workers. In truth, it wasn’t; it was supported financially and logistically by the globalist central banks, as we shall see.

Chapters 7-9 document how British and American intelligence agencies helped put Mao Zedong in power in China, the nature of the Chinese regime under Mao, after Mao, and the use of mobile execution vans.

Numerous communist leaders – for example Nicolae Ceausescu - were fanatical nationalists, a fact forgotten or concealed by the left. Both regimes are documented in this book, which exposes the fact that fascism and communism are one of the same. Chapters 10-21 document the regime of Nicolae Ceaucescu’s draconian regime, his terror against his people, and his legacy; many will remember the news coverage of orphanages in Romania and Ceausescu’s policies regarding children.

Another regime (from chapters 22-31) which isn’t widely-known is the Bulgarian Communist Party (BCP) stretching from 1944-1989. In this book the main focus is on Todor Zhivkov, although Georgi Dimitrov and Valko Chervenkov are also examined. In this section the objective is to investigate and bring to you, the reader, the knowledge many Communists or Socialists liked to claim solidarity with the average worker, yet were in fact millionaires: Zhivkov was a millionaire; additionally, this book highlights the left's track record of inequality - the persecution of ethnic Turks is clearly documented as a prime example.

In writing the book, I don't defend Fascism — that was just as bad. The reason behind writing the book because Communism needs to be exposed in the same way in which Nazism was exposed for the world to see. Unlike Nazism, Communism is promoted by some in the Establishment, particularly in the education system. This book is designed to provide lots of historical context before I commence with my planned book Fascism and Communism Are Two Sides of the Same Coin Part 2 where I will document more about China's regime, the progressive-Islamist alliance, the Left's Anti-Semitism and other topics that the MSM would rather keep quiet.

Here is the link to my book Fascism and Communism Are Two Sides of the Same Coin Part 1: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08FP25K4D

Please beware that I am starting to adopt a pseudonym Dan Grant - I'm the same person but different name.

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