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Vast life experiences even though I have had to fight government my entire adult life and been forced to live in abject poverty blah blah - always loved our nation and known its one of the best plots on the planet! Also known something was wrong with our government as young as 9 - when I wrote to Her Maj and asked her to remove Edward Heath - the rabbit holes been a long journey but made sense at first when I sat as a volunteer on the first NHS TRUST BOARD for the S/E representing The Rest of Essex - the first lessons of how the old boynetwork - works - as i watched them sell everything off in the guise on investors - I knew politics was full of snakes eels and self serving liars and didnt know what to do with what I had learnt even though alot of local conservatives were urging me to get into politics - I didnt know much about the EU or the Bilderbergs at this time - later I found UKIP and gained a hope for the future that was soon dashed the more i got involved experienced and saw first hand - even when I stood for UKIP after we won the referendum - I knew we were insular as UKIP kept us all divided and uninformed and basically controlled too whilst obeying the rules set out by those 'in charge'. After inhouse accusations of racism after internal elections I knew it was time to walk away and learn about other options other groups and more importantly other subjects - Common Law why oh why wasnt UKIP teaching us about the basics of whats been taken illegally from us ........anyhows there was a major key to getting out of this mess that NOT ONE MAIN PARTY OFFERED - they are all hiding behind the EU laws of protection for the crimes they have committed against the taxpayers of this nation - in my opinion and this is bore out by all the illegal actions of the conservative party since we won the right to cut all ties with a group (EU) we never elected to join .......... conservatives control the law and nothing gets through government without their final say so ......in a nutshell - i go on and on and on - too many opinions !


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