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So I'll kick off the suggestions, and this one's already on the way.

You may have noticed the site's launched without a homepage, ha! (The forum is more important, I say.)

There will be a homepage. There is actually, it's just that I don't really like it, so I'm playing about with it.

Anyway, you know how Drudge was before he got some bung from Soros, before he got bought and went all Never Trumper? I figured something like that is required again. Sure, there's stuff like Whatfinger.com, which is OK check it out, but it's hardly brilliant, and it's very US-centric.

I figure a kind of trans-Atlantic Drudge service, which pretty much fits in with my daily news reads anyhow, so it's not much of a stretch to link to the kind of stories that have cross-pond appeal and hopefully with a bit more balance than does SwampDrudge.


So anyhow, people, that's an example of the kind of stuff that goes in this department. Or questions, ideas, whatever.

And the alt. Drudge thing, oh yeah, that's coming, very soon. Hopefully a great place to get some rounded news. It'll be the homepage.

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