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"There once was a prick called old Nick..."

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There once was a prick called old Nick
A right johnson, a total Hancock
He sold us his jab, snake oil up his sleeve
Now e'en OJ and Coke are diseased
Aye, Nicko's a bit of a tit
Great Reset, a globalist, and so full of shit
Said "Put it away, no sex 'till I say"
Only to get his nob caught right tight in his zip
Now Cummings is having a laugh
Said "This lot, they can't run a bath!"
It's all May in drag, a liefest, we're shagged
Their panto is full-on a farce
It's one rule for them, one for us
While they throw dear ol' Blighty under the bus
From Brino to Huawei, Biden, no borders
This shower, they're truthful? My arse

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Ordo ab ruddy chao!

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