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2020, the story so ...
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2020, the story so far, a Spanish perspective.

Olly Connelly
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An old friend from Blighty, whose only media source is the bullshit on the Beeb and who isn't savvy about our reality, asked how we were getting along in Spain.

We're OK. Things are a bit weird now, people are being divided by all this covid thing. I had a row last night with someone because they said, on an empty street, that I should be wearing a mask, which is mandatory here... I pointed out that we had just shared tapas together in an enclosed space, an hour sharing food and a table.

About a month ago, the WHO downgraded the threat from this thing to that of flu. The mortality rate is similar, although yes covid can be dangerous.

And now on the telly they're beginning to say if we don't take this vaccine we may lose anything from a job to access to healthcare. They're also saying that Joe Biden is "President-Elect" when no such office exists at all and whether he won or not he has not been confirmed by the Electors and Senate. There are multiple allegations of widespread fraud in the US election, I've followed it all very closely and I believe absolutely that Trump won by a landslide and that Biden will not become the next President, that is a media fallacy or even a fantasy, and that is good news because Biden would keep us locked-down and far worse whereas Trump will help us regain our liberty.

Most peculiar, this email, huh... the above all affects us. It's why you've not seen me this year.

Anyway, we're living under curfew for now, can't leave the flat during the night, and muzzled when we go out, not allowed fresh air; I ignore that and keep an eye open for the police, unless there are lots of people around and then I feel I should respect their, well, stupidity comes to mind, 'conditioning' is a kinder word.

This will get worse, or it will get better, and the Supreme Court in the US will decide that for us, when they either endorse or else throw out the Trump campaign's evidence of voter fraud. I'll be amazed if Trump does not prevail, and believe you me - don't believe the telly, it's all propaganda - we need the orange bloke!

Bit depressed tbh, but the outlook is good, we'll probably look back and think damn 2020 was bloody weird. Hopefully some very famous people will be rotting in jail by then too.

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