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"COVID": Is this a Cull? Logic Suggests So.

Olly Connelly
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Given the dubious use of the many-cycled PCR tests, given the lack of logic, the constant attack on society by even those that the electorate trusted with their vote, given the sheer madness of this 'post-truth [media-manipulated] society', and not least given the advent of the AI-robotic age where most of us are now fast becoming redundant to the self-styled elites that see us as "useless eaters" [Kissinger], I have to say, yes, I believe there is a conspiracy to cull us. Plain speak: to kill us off.

Us humans are flawed, sure, but conversely quite brilliant as evidenced by our rich cultures. Our potential, nurtured not oppressed, is extraordinary, wonderful, a force for good.

Yet unless we can understand the primary problem, to stand up to, to refuse and to depower the #psychopathy that prospers so easily in our societal structures (which have been designed by psychopaths and their bought minions for precisely such, for retaining and expanding power, wealth and control), where those without empathy succeed so very well to dictate the terms of our lives and even whether we are allowed to live...

...Until we tackle that chronic service-to-self - a far more dangerous and genuine pandemic than ever was this coronavirus strain - well, you do the math.

(Meanwhile, doubtless, Tony Blair will be back on the BBC today or so, telling us how to live, how not to be "Selfish!" and how to "save lives" having himself killed so many then profitting so richly from his illegal and immoral 'sexed-up' genocide. That's where we are in the human story, and it sure as hell ain't 'civilised'.)



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