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"COVID": Rand Paul ...
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"COVID": Rand Paul exposes Tony Fauci's lie, he DID fund Wuhan lab

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A true POTUS - pledged to protect the People - would take the lead in rooting out the truth about Wuhan and the implications therefrom for the West's reckless relations with dictator state China, not least calling for a full inquiry into why the WHO (and hence the UN) supported the China narrative despite not even being allowed into Wuhan for months.

Then there's Biden! (And BoJo, same deal, hence Huawei threatening Five Eyes etc.) #sssh
A few days maybe but I fear the Fauci story will go nowhere, not on fakestream anyhow. He's about as likely to face a bone fide court as is a Dominion executive or, for that matter, as was and is his namesake (and BoJo's vaccine advisor), the genocidal psychopath that remains Tony Blair. (One day, dear God, it'd be nice to be able to type "Tony Blair's remains", just a hint.)
"It's a big club, and you ain't in it." Did Carlin ever sound so prescient? Burke too: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
The clock's ticking faster now. In little over the course of a year our times have gone from alarming to surreal to silly-stupid and "That's government policy? You've got to be effing joking." to, what next, kind of like living in a Stephen King novel? We're seeing our precious world become more dangerous, week on week - ie Ukraine, Iran (at war already? Looks damn close at best), Taiwan (China), South China Sea (China), Israel/Palestine/Syria/Lebanon, plus a special direct mention for, er, China, whose talented CCP in just the last several days has managed to threaten with nuclear obliteration Australia, the US and essentially the entire Western world, aren't they lovely: let's trade, make Xi rich(er), please build our 5G, take the keys, have the lot, slavesRus.
Another quote, aren't I chirpy: "By 2030 you will own nothing and you will be happy."
...Yes Klaus Schwab, top tip ta, Xi Ping Right Off may be a textbook fascist, that's precisely his bag, but he and his well-spoken occasionally-actually-elected thugs, at this rate, will have the rest of us * driven into communism, their New World Order, "a real chance to Build Back Better (on Our terms)", into the Great Reset that is supported by Biden, by BoJo, by the likes of Charles and even by that putz of a Pope (at least by one of them anyhow.)
* Subject to 'vaccine', that is. I won't go 'there' because the turf is still vague and I'm perhaps the only person (other than you of course 😉 ) in the entire world who is not a virologist damn did I even spell that correctly? But yes the interviews with not least Pfizer's former CSO Mike Yeadon are concerning. #Very.
Sounds tall? It's all on record. The dash to cashless too. And as for Universal Basic Income, that's being prepped all over now. Coals from hell, it's even being trialled in Wales.
Are enough aware? Are people in the UK for example, who just voted for national sovereignty, so very cavalier about their self-determination? Stateside, cowed by COVID sure but worth a note, where was the US refusal to have their election stolen (by China, bless)?
Some of us Brexiteers predicted years ago, straight after the Ref, that Brexit would be dragged out for years and then, after Trump beat the odds and took the Oval, that Brexit would be strewn out beyond his Presidency. I guess few to none of us predicted the pandemic-that-isn't-remotely-a-pandemic-it's-a-statistician's-wet-dream. We merely figured they'd try to tire us out (tick) before delivering Brino (tick), and not delivering a Trump-tasticly Anglophile trade deal (tick) and we were right. The Conservative Party (LibLab no better for all you idiot BoJo-Brexiteers and busy bee CCHQ shills that want to call me a socialist) prove us right by replacing the Porcine Premier with Theresa #launderedSpeakerFees? bloody May. As for Boris, chummy window dressing he may be but he still BROKE UP THE UK with his 80-seat-majority-ie-unnecessary Irish Sea border plus continued ECB exposure of bankruptcy-inducing capability should (or surely when) the global financial Ponzi collapses. Yes, we were right. Bad news. We failed.
(Here on Facebook, you know who won? The shills. And shills, even more than trolls, are the scum of the web. I'm looking at you, Bruges Group, you blue rinse brain died in the wool lick the nearest Tory elite bottom brigade. Good skills!)
But we didn't expect a year of tyranny, the prospect of worse to come (they have to break the economy else the Great Reset won't spin: yes, of course there will be more lockdowns until the people SAY NO), to be lopsided by specially interested weirdos like Fauci and Gates and their usual suspect pals in Big Biz (directed very likely with if not largely by China and with the UN completely in cahoots).
A very tiny few, assisted by their giant jobsworth techno-pyramid, have succeeded brilliantly in wearing us down. Most involved, I daresay and in fairness, have little or even no idea what they're cheerleading. We can blame that ignorance, confusion and in many cases oblivion to the most toxic elements of the pyramid, to the mainstream news media and its social media evil twin.
I remember when I used to laugh more. It wasn't so long ago. But this is how I see us now: the human race is like a frightened lost child in a big department store that needs to find a responsible adult, and fast, before instead it meets the type that likes sniffing hair.
Anyhow, praise to Buzzfeed for pursuing their FOI and to Rand Paul (who lost a lot of my respect on January 6th with that nail-coffin speech to the Senate that completely ignored 'upholding the Constitution') for his persistence. Thank goodness for small mercies, someone with influence is filling in for what the media refuses to do: journalism.

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