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#election2020: Biden's dementia obvious even on autocue, media silent!  


Olly Connelly
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20th August 2020 5:21 am  
You can hear the gears grinding, speech slurred, he sounds like a wino. And that's on autocue.
Dementia is very sad, but the Office of POTUS is significant, and it says so much that the Dems field a man who repeatedly confuses his identity with that of his wife.
I had a job finding this video, and couldn't find tonight's complete address at all, not even on Biden's timeline. His party knows he's a dud, it's an inescapable fact, the crime on the American people is that they so blatantly just don't give a damn.
... Now that's desperate politics. Joe is the swamp's Stay Out Of Jail card. Any old way, any old how, they'd field a corpse if they had to, they're just a step away from doing so.
#DrainTheSwamp #election2020

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