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#election2020: Trump may contest result "I have to see"

Olly Connelly
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He's right to be sceptical, anyone honest and sane ought to be, the deep state has thrown the kitchen sink at derailing his presidency (and Brexit too) and these anti-democrats will do everything they can to rig November.

So yes, we will all have to wait and see. The future of the planet, and our personal freedoms, not just in the US but everywhere, almost certainly hinges on #election2020.

That is why, whatever the result, such is the battle between national sovereignty and globalist fascism (masked as faux-Marxism), at this rate, I see civil war breaking out Stateside by next Summer.

...It's remarkable the lengths a very tiny few will go to to avoid an orange jumpsuit. They don't give a hoot who dies to save their skin.

Extraordinarily dangerous times, we're living in a tinder box. The patriotism or not of the senior ranks of the US military (hundreds of generals BTW were sacked by Obama) likely will hold the key.

Here's a different analysis, the tone of which I say is garbage...


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The furore of Election 2020 will hide many a misdoing and will give the press ultimate distraction from anything else newsworthy, or informative.


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