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Homeless veterans / illegals / hotels

amanda roeloffzen
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Hello Olly.  My thoughts are , " why are our soldiers allowed to live on the streets along with others such as families who can no longer pay their rents due to the new credit system.  Yet the illegals are put up in 4 star Hotels and others i mansions etc When the social system will only pay upto 500 a month toward rent and keep ??

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor, text that says "Outside of dover council today is this gentleman This ex forces gentlemen (Robert shaw) has been living outside the council offices for 2 After for country for years they won't give him temp housing. And yet imigrants that are coming fresh off the boat are being given the info on there new houses, hotel rooms etc. This is absolutely disgusting that the country that protected, into will put shear try to help him. It's about time the government got there priorities in order. PAKA NON DRTORZI HOUSING"


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