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[Sticky] News, media, backstories & resources, where to post what?  


Olly Connelly
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24th May 2020 9:15 am  

If it's a news story - or should be! - add it here, to stories.

If the story's about msm or social media propaganda, censorship, bans and social jailings, add it to fakestream. The media has the distinction of having its own forum because, as the arbiters of information, their deceit is the biggest story of all, and the one this site is most concerned with, overall.

If it's more general info that supports a story, but that in itself isn't the guts of the story, generally it'd be added in the specific story thread. Then again, or as well if the info is important enough, it could be added as a backstory.

... If that backstory or supporting info's a tip-top resource such as a whole site, add it to online in resources or, if it's an important single item such as a specific page, some kind of a list or maybe a video or podcast, add it to must-see in resources.

And if in doubt, just add a ruddy story, or append an existing one!

And be happy. 😋 

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