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Normalization of Pedophilia? I called this in 2017!  


Jay Carey
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22nd June 2020 16:16 pm  

Been saying for years when Corporations, Government and Banks started backing the LGBTQ movement it was never for the LGB part of that community as today they are basically ignored. It was a way to use them to get T's and MAPs (Minor Attracted Persons hence the Q) accepted in normal Society because they knew it would never fly with Christian Hetrosexuals with a family unit.

That information is only just now coming to the fore. 


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Olly Connelly
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23rd June 2020 11:49 am  

Damn right, WHO guidelines now tell teachers to tell under 4's about masturbation, I kid ye not ... short of time right now but that's a WHO doc that needs to be added to Backstory.

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