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Can we trust BoJo to deliver Brexit? Poll is created on Jul 20, 2020


POLL: BoJo Honours Traitors, Will he deliver on Brexit?

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The voter-soothing rhetoric is good but, actually, will we get Brexit?

(Brexit = leave CU, leave SM, leave ECJ;
currently we have none of that, to say we already have Brexit is a lie.)

Can we trust the kind of bloke who awards gongs to those that betrayed the British people in their desire to overturn democracy?


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That's a simple question to answer - of course we can't.  

Need to consider the full purpose of the the HofL and who would best carry out those duties.  Hard to sidestep the politicking and virtue signalling.  Definitely need to get the numbers down - maybe to just a 100 or so, most of the current lot are dead weight.   Appears to be cronysim on steroids - pampered, overpaid (and often failed) politicians and public servants are the main contenders.  Prime example Baroness Warsi.  Selected by Cameron to stand as a Tory candidate, failed twice and then given a peerage.  Would this have happened if she hadn't been a Muslim?  Possible but I would suggest unlikely.

Perhaps it would be a good subject for a show


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