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Olly Connelly
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30th September 2020 14:59 pm  

Donald J. Trump is running for President against Joe Biden but his key competitor by far is not Biden but the media and he needs to make that clear, to rub it in WITH SALT, and to shame all complicit in such a disgrace.
Frustrating debate. Trump must be better prepared to deal with a partisan mod, less aggressive (understandable but a problem), defend his record better, attack the swamp and particularly BA/HRC/Biden's place in that, and he didn't even mention Harris despite Biden looking so frail.

In fairness, Trump had two opponents, Biden and the mod Chris Wallace, and this was the Fox debate!

All in all, such is the way it'll be spun and with the moderator's bias so sickening yet ultimately effective because Trump didn't deal with that sufficiently, I'd call that a draw, and a draw helps Biden, not Trump.

Trump did make some torpedo points, and Biden pointed out that he is a Soros tool: "AntiFa is an idea not an organisation!" but the problem is the media will ignore that and present Trump as an aggressor when he's the one that has started no wars, he's the one who shut down the flights to China with Biden then calling him xenophobic and now lying that Trump didn't act quickly enough.

Mostly, Trump needs to be able to almost nonchalantly dismiss Biden's pretty vacant state and to take the debate to the moderator, seeing as the mod clearly wants to prop up Biden, and that that will surely be the case again in debates 2 and 3. Trump needs to take advantage of that to shame the media, live on telly, to shame the Democratic machine that disgraces a US POTUS campaign with their pathetic candidate and cynical media association, while pointing out politely the physical and mental inadequacy of Joe Biden for such a crucial role.

The media is the dangerous enemy, not incapable Biden, the media is Trump's opponent. I think he should make that much clearer, to embarrass the mods for their lack of balance and collusion with a murderous corrupt swamp.

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