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Rip off Sedwell  


amanda roeloffzen
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9th July 2020 8:16 am  


On Wednesday, the PM signed off the £248,189 pension contribution. How dare they. During times such as they are today. People such as myself born in the 50's having their pensions removed until we are now 65 Yet this person gets a pension contribution along with the fact that he was born in the 60's. But not retiring.

On top of this huge amount He is not leaving at all, he will still be working : After he leaves in September, Sir Mark will sit as a cross-bencher peer in the House of Lords and also chair a new panel on global economy security as the UK takes over the presidency of the G7.

How is this fair.  The rest of us must wait until we are 65-67.  No contributions to tide us along.  

Them and us attitude once again.  Proving who is put first and the hard working man placed second to last as usual.  They forget the hard working people of this country are the one's keeping this country afloat.  

What is your opinion Olly xx and guys on chat x amanda x Screaming Razz Bearded  


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Olly Connelly
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9th July 2020 9:25 am  

It stinks. But also - and this may be a gullible view - it may have been the only way to get the guy out without creating a crisis.

But it stinks. 

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