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Tmro on Chaos: TRUTH NETWORK
5-7pm GMT, that's noon-2pm EDT, here (subject to Clegg).
We have great folks with skills and stories to tell, plus an ever-increasing arsenal of facts to send viral. But as we know TPTB are stifling.
How do we use our war chest of talent and energy to best effect?
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^^^ change of theme for today's show

5-7pm GMT / noon-2pm EDT

I'm looking for folks to come on today's Daily Chaos 5-7pm GMT - that's in just over an hour! - to discuss the convoys, from different territories. I know this is 'last minute' but this is a rolling situation, as it were!

Daily Chaos has a live on the ground report from Ottawa at 6... I'd like to add some more voices into the pot.

Ideally this would be using Zoom but I'll try to accommodate whatever comms are available.

CONTACT: Best to email me olly AT dailychaos.news or at the Daily Chaos group on TG chao.click/tg

Thank you.

Olly Connelly
Producer, Daily Chaos
Ordo ab ruddy chao!
What is going on in Canada is the essence of human spirit.

Whatever happens, we're living something very beautiful, right now.

I am glad to be alive, to see the best of humanity tackling the very depths of humanity, for all the pain I feel so glad to be around at a time of such great learning, this awakening, of kindred spirit, of love.

This is good versus evil, right here right now. In the streets of Ottawa, at least, the evil just look so pathetic, cowardly, desperate, perverse, beyond contempt.

The good guys... well dammit to hell I just wanna invite the whole bunch round for a damn fine stew, hot bread, beer and wine. (And whiskey.)


What we are witnessing right now in downtown Ottawa might just be the spark to change this whole wonderful world for the better for the next couple of generations... until complacency again kicks us in the arse, silly sods we are.

But right now. BE PROUD. Maybe we are finding ourselves, remembering what we are and why.

So don't be cowed by the bullshit. There are so many good souls who have your back. They're fighting for it, one honk at a time.

Today, I am very proud to be a human. The potential I believe in is doing its thing, just when it needs to.

#FreedomConvoy forever. And thank you. X
OK, finally got last week's Daily Chaos up on Rumble, audio sorted!

FREEDOM CONVOYS had an on-the-ground report from Ottawa in the second hour and the first half had Bill Etheridge talking about the elephant in the room, runaway inflation (I'm uploading that as a standalone video because it's an important angle noone is covering, will post a link later.)



Inflation, economics, dull as ditchwater, right? #Wrong.

"You try and talk about this and it's 'Yawn!' Well hang on, IT ISN'T BORING IF YOU WANT TO PUT FOOD ON YOUR TABLE OR HEAT YOUR HOUSE."

Bill Etheridge explains just what's in store thanks to the scamdemic. Olly Connelly asks if we haven't reached the tipping point and, whatever happens now, if the economy isn't headed into a catastrophic implosion the likes of which we have never witnessed.

So that's nice.

(Why is the msm not talking about this? And how have they not been talking about this since it was clear hardly anyone was being adversely affected by COVID? Oh, Great Reset puppets, that's why. The fact remains: THE COMING DEPESSION WILL KILL FAR MORE PEOPLE THAN HAS THE GLOBALISTS' POLITICAL POX.)

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Here's to us and truck plutocracy.

Olly Connelly
Producer, Daily Chaos
Ordo ab ruddy chao!

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TODAY ON CHAOS (with audio sorted, famous last)...

That's 5-7pm GMT, noon-2EDT and bloody late in Australia.

* https://chao.click/rumble

PS Get Zoom, giz a shout, have a rant.

Why are relatives reporting that their elders, including those previously not terminally ill, are being proscribed a death row drug, not least for respiratory problems as it restricts breathing?

(The last time I did a show on Midazolam, with funeral director John O'Looney, I got a 90-day streaming ban here on Farcebook. Sobeit.)

PLEASE INVEST IN THE GUEST, bookings take time:-

That's 5pmGMT / noon EDT @ chao.click/rumble.

Olly Connelly
Producer, Daily Chaos
Ordo ab ruddy chao!

LINEUP: Godfrey Bloom, David Kurten, David Vance, Stephen Place, Bill Etheridge, Olly Connelly.

(NOTE: NEXT WEEK WILL BE THE LAST DAILY CHAOS, today is the penultimate show.
I will be leaving Facebook entirely on 10th March, not prepared to sign up for their new so-called "Privacy Protection".
Stay in touch, register and grab the newsletter at dailychaos . news.)

Isn't it convenient, just as Pfizer docs reveal the quax killed or adversely affected many thousands of people, just as the COVID narrative is proven to have been a fascist Big Pharma confidence trick, and just as more and more are becoming aware of the intent to use the scamdemic to assist rolling out the totalitarian Great Reset, its flag-bearer the fakestream media reset their targets on a new(ly revised) villain, "RUSSIA!"

Any old distraction?

So how accurate is the 'reportage' on what is going on in the vicinity of Ukraine, why, and what is the genuine backstory to the former Soviet territ
UK Budget Summary: GO AND EAT COKE (if you can afford it.)

HM Government says bugger your pain, plebs, we have to pay for a war created because we lied to Russia about expanding onto their borders and to further ruin the supply chains, to distract from the vast quaxx deaths in this globalls-created Big Pharma pandemic of fascism and from the economic disaster we created from it, all further to impoverish you and yours in our hell-bent pursuit of the Great Reset agenda.

Trajectory for UK Budget 2023: Universal Basic Income ie communism, ORDO AB CHAO.
We know Putin was a WEF placeman, just like Biden, Trudeau and, given his ending of the UK and daring to call that Brexit, evidently Johnson.

The war in Ukraine is likely a smokescreen.

We plebs are mere pawns in an ages-old chess game and the conditioning and fear is hijacking logic and the common good.

We're living a global tragedy.
English Democrats Chairman @RobinTilbrook discussed this in detail on Daily Chaos many months ago.

Good to see @GBNews catching up! Who knows, maybe they'll stop cherry-picking truth and start informing their demographic about the underlying reason too, the Great Reset.

#scamdemic > #GreatReset, that's the real story.

(Better explanation...)


Backstory: The UK's media was told in unison not to question the official COVID narrative. It wasn't a traditional D-Notice (a Government order to suppress a story, it came from the UK's media regulator OFCOM, which amounts to the same thing.) This is how the Gov was able to brainwash the sheep.

English Democrats Chairman and solicitor Robin Tilbrook discussed this in detail on Daily Chaos many months ago. (Twice actually, Youtube duly pulled both shows, as per.)

Good to see GB News catching up! Who knows, maybe they'll stop cherry-picking truth and start informing their demographic about the underlying reason too, the Great Reset.

#scamdemic > #GreatReset, that's the real story.

Sky exec whistleblows OFCOM directive: https://www.facebook.com/GBNewsOnline/videos/510959410499793

Classic controlled op tactic from GBN, as an aside... these kind of things are always broken (plausible deniability re lack of journalistic integrity down the road, for example) when there's a bigger distraction ie Ukraine.
Forwarded from General McInerney
Rest In Peace Jordan Maxwell.
Globalls: Who's who's "asset"?

Instead of waging a war, why did Putin not sanction the West, using gas and oil, at least to try to bring about a resolution over the Ukraine border dispute?

WHAT IS A WOMAN? (Rishi Sunak)

Maybe these schmuks could more easily define "woke a$$hole"?

RIP Jordan Maxwell, a true gent and a true friend to humanity.

I interviewed him a year or so ago... he sure knew what was what... he was decades ahead of the bulk of us.

We've lost a great teacher.
UK's Coronavirus Act Expires IN NAME ONLY!

How very Brexit. Er, I mean Brino.

All 4 nations of the former UK (which BoJo managed to break up) have extended powers within the Act.

MSM's reaction to what should have been the day the power grab elapsed:-


Even Breitbart. :(
Note to #France and the media propagandists:-

Patriotism is not far right. But voting for the #GreatReset is a far cry from sanity.

God help us all.

Local, constituency or national level, if you vote for someone who is not talking about defeating the #GreatReset, then you are voting for Klaus Schwab, you are voting "to own nothing", for communism directed by fascists, you are voting for tyranny, for censorship, for more fake pandemics and more fraudulent war, you are voting for divide-rule on an epic scale that is destroying families, communities and societies from within despite the farcical topics such as "how to define a woman" for crying out loud, you are voting for the normalisation of Satanism and paedophilia as can increasingly be seen in Biden's America, you are voting for genocidal war criminals like Tony Blair to never be brought to account while being BBC-platformed to lecture you on using experimental drugs on your innocent children, you are voting to condone yet more phony elections, for Martial law in Western societies as we saw in Ottawa, for the hundreds of thousands in death toll in places like Yemen while the globalists distract with Ukraine, you are voting for CCP-style oppression and their model social credit score to keep you in check, you are voting for the last of our liberty ie an end to cash, for Google's bloodstream nanobots and Musk's brain chip, for Gates' quaxxines and the final cull of the Mama-Papas defeated by the Bezos drones.



...At this stage in the game, I tell you, ANYONE in politics or journalism who is not warning of the dangers of the Great Reset is somewhere between fraudulent and downright evil.

If in doubt, if in any doubt, do not vote. In most cases this is almost certainly the best option, to help de-power the them-us elitism, to deny a mandate and to create a window to be able to say, "WE DID NOT ELECT YOU."

We should have seen, by now, the vile outcome by supporting cheats and liars. We should have seen that voting for the lesser of the evils DOES NOT HELP. Do not make things worse by voting yet again for PROVEN cheats and liars.

Do not mindlessly vote. And yes, at this stage in the game where practically everyone on the global stage is either bought or blackmailed, A VOTE "NOT TO VOTE", an abstention from the Big Lie, is in no way dishonourable. A vote for more of what we have in power now, on the other hand, is downright moronic.

Here's to us, and bugger plutocracy!

#scamdemic > #GreatReset, that's the real story.