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Good idea.
Until we start hanging traitors nothing will change for the better. Simple as that.
Twatter suspended my account for providing official UK government COVID stats!

How "let's raid the home of our political opponent" is that?

#orwellian #shithole
Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson on Twitter: "LISTEN TO THIS! THIS is why pharmacists are NOT warning people and parents about the jabs... https://t.co/eFesIwlweZ" / Twitter
"The government chose to send rifle-wielding agents in full body armor to raid the premises of a former president, ostensibly for some dinner napkins. That’s objectively insane, and anyone still defending this raid or claiming we just need an “explanation” is exposing their own hypocritical tolerance for blatant political targeting by the government."

How long before celebs put health before career? (full marks to Djokavich and Sean Ryder, so far)
No ice here in Spain, at best severely limited, where the Summer rages. Producers cite energy prices. #GreatReset
Makes one wonder if they didn't rebuild his soul as well as his body.
"The Queen is dead, long live the King!"

The problem with a monarch's death is that it so easily shields the concerns with a monarch's coronation.

I wonder how many of King Charles' subjects, in the UK and around the Commonwealth, realise he is committed - a devotee, no less - to the UN-WEF's #GreatReset that says:-

"By 2030 you will own nothing and be happy."

This is not some 'theory', it is a fact. The MSM, as with WEF-boy Biden's election, is complicit in covering up this unsavoury truth.

Time to wake up, people, unless you fancy China-style totalitarianism.


Anon: "It’s very concerning God knows how it will pan out."

It will pan out like this: globally almost certainly, we will be living under China-style communism within a very few years now, lorded over by fascists.

We will have all our assets stripped through coercion, cost and tax; we will be chipped and cashless ie we will have no freedom; we will not be allowed to travel without permission beyond our designated zones which for most, such is Agenda 2030, will mean living in urban ghettos; those who will succeed, relatively, as with the Nazi concentration camps, will be snitches, the lowest scum of the population who will survive by bullying, yet they too will live like the total slaves we will be.

This is the Hunger Games. And the Capitol, as in the Hunger Games, will be similarly perverse, ivory-towered and aloof.

That is what will happen because in the AI-robotic age what Kissinger described as the "useless eaters" are simply no longer required; and more to the point because this world is run by psychopaths who care not a jot for the plebs or even much for each other.


People will wake up and revolt en masse. This scenario is less likely because, sadly, people are generally not terribly bright. Think German Jews late 1930's.

I wish humanity well, here in this realm, this is one helluva test.

Not saying this is accurate, I don't know, but I do know that the social/news media's refusal properly to address this kingpin debate is akin to complicity in mass murder.