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Soccer legend Matt Le Tissier shares his concern that athletes and the far-too-young are being adversely affected by a rushed out 'cure for COVID' that doesn't even work and that they never even needed.

* https://chao.click/mlt

The interview, conducted by former MEP Team Chao's Bill Etheridge and produced by this bloke over here, is standalone (extracted from last week's Daily Chaos) and has been edited also into 13 clips. Here they are, detailed below, duly linked.

Keep talking, people. DO NOT TOLERATE TYRANNY. Ta.

Here's to us and bugger plutocracy.

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Matt Le Tissier (SPORTS' MEDICAL EMERGENCY) ~ Daily Chaos

Citing statistics which are in the public domain and verifiable - this journalist can confirm that - Matt lays out the scale of severe sport-induced injury and death, post-vaccine, pointing out that in all his 17 years on the turf there was barely an incident and precisely none of note. He is keen to stress that, while the smoke is thick with suspicion, most keenly he wishes simply to see an independent investigation clarify a horrific anomaly. (Independent is a keyword.)

* https://chao.click/mlt-sportspeople

Matt Le Tissier (MANAGED NEGLIGENCE) ~ Daily Chaos

"There must be people in these sporting organisations - certainly Chief Medical Officers - who should be having trouble sleeping at night."

Arguably and understandably Matt's scorn (which remains nonetheless remarkably polite) most bares its teeth for the football and other sporting bodies and unions that have so spectacularly failed to support the most fundamental of interests of their sportspeople. He laughed openly at the idea of FIFA being anything other than corrupt (in the main interview, not this clip) and appears close to contained rage so far as the hypocritical FIFPRO is concerned.

(FIFPRO's Bobby Barnes, you're very welcome to come on Daily Chaos for a right of reply. If you have the balls, you'd be heard, rewarded with facts, but not hectored.)

* https://chao.click/mlt-unsporting

Matt Le Tissier (CENSORSHIP) ~ Daily Chaos

Basically, where's the bloody journalism? Matt laments a Fourth Estate that has betrayed its demographic in a politicised swing to somewhere approaching betwixt the thoughtsets of Soviet Pravda and Joseph Goebbels.

* https://chao.click/mlt-bbc

Matt Le Tissier (SMEAR CAMPAIGNS) ~ Daily Chaos

Discussing the attempts to ridicule his logic and silence his voice, Matt considers the pressure on others to comply with the official narrative of control, while also proffering his experience of increasingly receptive social comments as evidence of an awakening public.

* https://chao.click/mlt-novakwouldhavewon

Matt Le Tissier (AGENDAS & OVER-REACTION) ~ Daily Chaos

Having already mooted a concern at the stench of an ever-growing controlling state and the advent of communism, Matt reinforces his argument by pointing out the draconian reaction to at worst a relatively minor medical problem, saying the solution will prove far more deadly than has been COVID.

* https://chao.click/mlt-psychos

Matt Le Tissier (A SICKLY NHS) ~ Daily Chaos

Stressing the health service consists of many wonderful souls, nonetheless it has abandoned its cause largely to manage a political pox, yet another betrayal. (Pyramids work.)

* https://chao.click/mlt-gottheclap

Matt Le Tissier (THE 'VACCINES') ~ Daily Chaos

...That don't work. Matt points out that contrary to msm propaganda he is far from an "anti-vaxxer", making the case that 'emergency use' drugs are unqualified and wondering aloud what the deuce ever happened to humankind's great ally common sense.

* https://chao.click/mlt-quax

Matt Le Tissier (TISSUE OF LIES) ~ Daily Chaos

Pointing out the campaign of deceit from government since 'pandemic' outset to the present.

* https://chao.click/mlt-greatreset

Matt Le Tissier (CHILD ABUSE) ~ Daily Chaos

Abject disgust for so-called 'public servants' that with no moral justification would risk the lives of those too young to defend themselves, and incredulity that parents and elders so casually stand by to allow such.

* https://chao.click/mlt-googletimfortescuelittleboys

Matt Le Tissier (DRUG PUSHERS) ~ Daily Chaos

Utter disdain for the global political class that seeks to force dangerous and unqualified substances on their very own oft complacent and all-too-trusting Peoples.

* https://chao.click/mlt-justsayno

Matt Le Tissier (NO COINCIDENCE) ~ Daily Chaos

Pointing out the mathematical implausibility, short shrift for the suggestion that the spate of post-'vaccine' deaths and emergencies are somehow coincidental, while again stressing that only proper investigation is reasonable, correct and necessary.

* https://chao.click/mlt-2plus2equals4

Matt Le Tissier (HOLDING THE FUTURE IN TRUST) ~ Daily Chaos

Essentially, this is why Matt's speaking out: a cherished value to deliver the same opportunity and liberty to his progeny as were so selflessly bequeathed to us by our elders.

* https://chao.click/mlt-truelion

Matt Le Tissier (FREEDOM FIGHTERS) ~ Daily Chaos

A message of hope, Matt who attended the recent NHS rally in London pays tribute to the Freedom Convoy and all those protesting around the rock, pointing out the increasingly strength in numbers of #WeThePeople.

* https://chao.click/mlt-thankyou


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