Ordo ab ruddy chao!

The Daily Chaos Show

Live Thursdays noon-2pm EDT, that's 5-7pm GMT

Great guests, brave whistleblowers and on-the-ground international reports
as we compare the tyranny, sugaring the pill with gallows humour.

While Daily Chaos endeavours to stream live to these destinations there are certain caveats.

  • Rumble is Daily Chaos' home for live shows and archives since late 2021
  • * Youtube regularly censors the show but many archive shows remain there
  • * Facebook, like Youtube, is unreliable due to censorship
  • Revolution Radio carries the live show on Studio A and distributes to podcast outlets
  • WakeUpUK, live Revolution Radio, is a great platform for free speech
  • DLive, VK and LinkedIn have no archive facility, just the live show

* And yes, guess what, Daily Chaos despises censorship. Please try not to support it.
(But Daily Chaos continues to love the show's communities at all the above!)