Ordo ab ruddy chao!

Daily Chaos morphed from Daily Brexit, here are the reviews for both, unedited.

Matt W.
6th June 2019 - Facebook

Awesome analysis of the Daily shenanigans of brexit, but absolutely great interviewer in the host, Olly Connolly, recommend this to anyone out there who believes in democracy.

David B.
19th December 2017 - Facebook

Lauren K.
3rd May 2018 - Facebook

You'll never find another radio station like this! Very Informative,chaotic (sometimes),easy to listen to,and you can post comments or join in discussions.The host, Olly Connelly is uniquely brilliant.

Yvette T.
31st May 2019 - Facebook

Diversity of guests, plus you a brexiteer. It's taken me 2yrs to find out that I'm not racist, fascist, xenophobic, islamophobic (made up word) or any other slanderous tag. Your shows give me patriotism that we need. Us brexiteers are fighting for our country and everyone is against us. it's like a combination of 'They're Here' and 'Falling Skys!! keep going olly, as long as you can. We NEED YOU.

Jay R.
13th November 2017 - Facebook

Nigel B.
21st December 2017 - Facebook

Maggie I.
9th December 2018 - Facebook

true honest chat, we dont get much true conversations

Victor E.
13th November 2017 - Facebook

Stav S.
23rd March 2018 - Facebook

Steve P.
26th July 2017 - Facebook

Excellent page! Good honest information & great to have such dedication about such an important decision in the UK's future �

Sam P.
10th December 2017 - Facebook

Unmissable! Up to the minute relevant UK issues discussed daily @ 6pm. Seriously, you'd be bonkers not to watch. Nothing fake on this show. Join us & get yourself educated on whats REALLY happening in this country.

DanIel A.
21st December 2018 - Facebook

I love the show and highly recommend it!!

Yvonne T.
9th May 2019 - Facebook

Fantastic Show, very informative!!

Mike L.
31st March 2019 - Facebook

great commentary... but the music..

Roy D.
14th July 2019 - Facebook

Hopefully platform not disabled like my Facebook account just for mentioning Tommy Robinson‼️‼️??????

Tom R.
26th November 2018 - Facebook

It speaks the truth.For the people.

John L.
9th January 2018 - Facebook

Katherine G.
8th November 2017 - Facebook

Graham S.
6th June 2019 - Facebook

good show with some humour thrown in to serious subjects

Tracey W.
26th April 2018 - Facebook

Lopi L.
23rd March 2018 - Facebook

gr8 show with gr8 views and points made by the ppl,letting the voice of the masses be heard, love Olly and his ability to deliver a poinient bi-partisan forum for multitude of issues

David B.
6th June 2019 - Facebook

interesting subject matter

Windy Millar
24th March 2019 - Facebook

great show and fun. plus always guests on who actually know what there talking about. it is non bias facts and a true perspective

Amin A.
20th March 2019 - Facebook

Great show.none biased .open to everyone's opinions. great fun.has good speakers on and host is great.i watch it and highly recommend it and look forward to watching it daily

Paul R.
3rd January 2018 - Facebook

Lancs L.
15th February 2018 - Facebook

Derek S.
7th January 2018 - Facebook

Jane V.
9th June 2019 - Facebook

love to listen and comment, always informative and lively

George H.
15th August 2017 - Facebook

Getting better every show! Keep it up Olly

Simon L.
6th December 2017 - Facebook

Highly recommend tuning in everyday at 6pm for informative guests and interesting topics!

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