Ordo ab ruddy chao!

Daily Chaos morphed from Daily Brexit, here are the reviews for both, unedited.

Daniel C.
12th January 2018 - Facebook

Bailey K.
29th March 2019 - Facebook

The whole package. Interesting guests,great comments and an intelligent,easy to listen to(Great Rants) funny host Olly Conolly.

Andreos S.
20th November 2017 - Facebook

Love it, real debating on news, issues & bugger's plutocracy!

Andy G.
25th September 2017 - Facebook

Amazing show that tells it as it is, REAL news on REAL issue's & has some great guests too! 5*

DanIel A.
21st December 2018 - Facebook

I love the show and highly recommend it!!

Joel M.
9th October 2017 - Facebook

Absolutely brilliant content for a small and relatively new Page, KEEP IT UP! ���������

Linda K.
12th August 2019 - Facebook

Fresh Topic always love this place

David W.
21st November 2017 - Facebook

Awesome show. the guests are amazing. hard hitting facts with a wonderfully entertaining twist

Thomas W.
17th November 2017 - Facebook

You really need to join and here the truth about our News and not the BS you hear on the TV

Mike L.
31st March 2019 - Facebook

great commentary... but the music..

Thomas W.
8th November 2017 - Facebook

If you want to leave the EU get on this page and the live feeds , you may have your eyes opened

James I.
1st April 2019 - Facebook

It honesty and persistence

Diana M.
9th August 2018 - Facebook

Great show, with a little humour to help with the bad news

Windy Millar
24th March 2019 - Facebook

great show and fun. plus always guests on who actually know what there talking about. it is non bias facts and a true perspective

Lee P.
9th April 2019 - Facebook

The voice of a true Brexiteer. Sounds spookily like me on a rant so I know he’s onto something ??

James J.
26th March 2019 - Facebook

Very good show full facts

Elaine W.
26th June 2019 - Facebook

very informative. great balance on all posts

Belinda T.
25th June 2019 - Facebook

great subjects and very engaging!

T L.
28th May 2019 - Facebook

The first time I’ve watched it without it breaking down halfway through! I was impressed by your guests tonight. I’m glad to say my understanding of the situation around soldier F matches theirs, thus, it appears my anger is justified.
It’s a good show, which allows people get the truth from those in the thick of a situation where there is controversy.
Thank you Olly for the eye opener on real life.

Olly Connelly
4th August 2019

Wow awesome buy it today! DC's political-satirical's the best thing since May quit but then I would say that cos I run the joint, but I'm only giving 3 stars cos I'm a cynical old git. I hope y'all enjoy the site ... please subscribe to the newsletter for a weekly digest, show details, guest interviews, key stories and hopefully a few laffs along the way. Here's to us and bugger plutocracy. x

Derek S.
7th January 2018 - Facebook

Chris G.
29th January 2018 - Facebook

Susan M.
7th February 2018 - Facebook

Love this show. Very informative with interesting guests and up to date news and views.

Baron P.
17th December 2017 - Facebook

Brilliant, very up-to date with real, unbiased and impartial news. Giving you the raw data in real time as the world turns..

Janet F.
15th May 2019 - Facebook

Straight to the point interesting news about the things you don’t get anywhere else

Tom R.
26th November 2018 - Facebook

It speaks the truth.For the people.

Helen L.
8th November 2017 - Facebook

Kevin G.
29th May 2019 - Facebook

great guests ,great debates ,great Olly rants

Amanda R.
20th March 2019 - Facebook

Gotta listen too guys xxx

Geoff D.
21st December 2017 - Facebook

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