Ordo ab ruddy chao!

Daily Chaos morphed from Daily Brexit, here are the reviews for both, unedited.

Graham S.
6th June 2019 - Facebook

good show with some humour thrown in to serious subjects

John L.
9th January 2018 - Facebook

Ive C.
20th October 2017 - Facebook

Tracey W.
26th April 2018 - Facebook

Nigel B.
21st December 2017 - Facebook

David W.
21st November 2017 - Facebook

Awesome show. the guests are amazing. hard hitting facts with a wonderfully entertaining twist

Christopher M.
21st July 2017 - Facebook

Kevin G.
29th May 2019 - Facebook

great guests ,great debates ,great Olly rants

Susan E.
30th April 2018 - Facebook

Matt Y.
25th January 2018 - Facebook

Mark P.
7th May 2019 - Facebook

brilliant news and views

Jay R.
13th November 2017 - Facebook

Belinda T.
25th June 2019 - Facebook

great subjects and very engaging!

Mo E.
25th March 2019 - Facebook

Olly's fantastic taste in music 😉 x

Erik R
14th July 2020

Everything you wanted to know "they" dont want you to know.

Victor E.
13th November 2017 - Facebook

Geoff D.
21st December 2017 - Facebook

Dan J.
25th November 2017 - Facebook

Deluded! Seriously mentally impaired editorial.

Tommy H.
13th December 2017 - Facebook

Stav S.
23rd March 2018 - Facebook

Andy G.
25th September 2017 - Facebook

Amazing show that tells it as it is, REAL news on REAL issue's & has some great guests too! 5*

Stephen T.
17th June 2019 - Facebook

Very informative a must watch

Leigh H.
15th March 2019 - Facebook

I love Ollie’s shows always very entertaining ?

Tom R.
26th November 2018 - Facebook

It speaks the truth.For the people.

Heather A.
11th June 2019 - Facebook

good info & guests. olly is funny or mad as a box of frogs!!

Susan M.
7th February 2018 - Facebook

Love this show. Very informative with interesting guests and up to date news and views.

Tony Blair
10th May 2020

AVOID THIS MAN! Olly Connelly is an enemy of the state and globalist psychopaths and their bum-spittle jobsworths would do well to shun him at every turn. Gordon agrees, so does Hillary, as does George, and Angela, and Xi Ping-Pong too.

Roger A.
25th July 2017 - Facebook

Many are frustrated by Remoaners attempts to leave us under ECJ jurisdiction. So why not put this key suggestion out.

Neither they, nor the Judiciary, are likely to admit that the 1972 EC Act ran counter to our Constitutional Law. That would be to admit that Parliament is an unlawful assembly and that they are taking the Queen’s Shilling under false pretences.

A much easier way out for them is NOT to oppose TMay's attempts to get us out of ECJ jurisdiction. Which is...
read more

Dara O.
10th February 2018 - Facebook

Olly has a great style of interview, not your usual go along get along crap, Olly encourages disagreement and therefore you get real discussion and the the debate advances.

Alan A.
10th January 2018 - Facebook

He may be nuts but at least he's a button our team. A voice for pop people without a voice. Daily Chaos.

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