Ordo ab ruddy chao!

Daily Chaos morphed from Daily Brexit, here are the reviews for both, unedited.

Janet F.
15th May 2019 - Facebook

Straight to the point interesting news about the things you don’t get anywhere else

Joel M.
9th October 2017 - Facebook

Absolutely brilliant content for a small and relatively new Page, KEEP IT UP! ���������

Baron P.
17th December 2017 - Facebook

Brilliant, very up-to date with real, unbiased and impartial news. Giving you the raw data in real time as the world turns..

Lauren K.
3rd May 2018 - Facebook

You'll never find another radio station like this! Very Informative,chaotic (sometimes),easy to listen to,and you can post comments or join in discussions.The host, Olly Connelly is uniquely brilliant.

Roy D.
14th July 2019 - Facebook

Hopefully platform not disabled like my Facebook account just for mentioning Tommy Robinson‼️‼️??????

Leigh H.
15th March 2019 - Facebook

I love Ollie’s shows always very entertaining ?

David B.
19th December 2017 - Facebook

Sam P.
10th December 2017 - Facebook

Unmissable! Up to the minute relevant UK issues discussed daily @ 6pm. Seriously, you'd be bonkers not to watch. Nothing fake on this show. Join us & get yourself educated on whats REALLY happening in this country.

David B.
6th June 2019 - Facebook

interesting subject matter

Lopi L.
23rd March 2018 - Facebook

gr8 show with gr8 views and points made by the ppl,letting the voice of the masses be heard, love Olly and his ability to deliver a poinient bi-partisan forum for multitude of issues

Geoff D.
21st December 2017 - Facebook

Steve P.
26th July 2017 - Facebook

Excellent page! Good honest information & great to have such dedication about such an important decision in the UK's future �

Yvonne F.
16th June 2019 - Facebook

Straightforward truth, none of your Bilderburg crap!!

Tony Blair
10th May 2020

AVOID THIS MAN! Olly Connelly is an enemy of the state and globalist psychopaths and their bum-spittle jobsworths would do well to shun him at every turn. Gordon agrees, so does Hillary, as does George, and Angela, and Xi Ping-Pong too.

Erik R
14th July 2020

Everything you wanted to know "they" dont want you to know.

Matt Y.
25th January 2018 - Facebook

Bailey K.
29th March 2019 - Facebook

The whole package. Interesting guests,great comments and an intelligent,easy to listen to(Great Rants) funny host Olly Conolly.

Dan J.
25th November 2017 - Facebook

Deluded! Seriously mentally impaired editorial.

Tim F.
22nd January 2018 - Facebook

Great show and a great audience that love Great Britain �!!.

Mike L.
31st March 2019 - Facebook

great commentary... but the music..

Stephanie F.
26th July 2017 - Facebook

John Harper
21st December 2018 - Facebook

It advances the Brexit cause.... NO DEAL

Jane V.
9th June 2019 - Facebook

love to listen and comment, always informative and lively

Paul R.
3rd January 2018 - Facebook

T L.
28th May 2019 - Facebook

The first time I’ve watched it without it breaking down halfway through! I was impressed by your guests tonight. I’m glad to say my understanding of the situation around soldier F matches theirs, thus, it appears my anger is justified.
It’s a good show, which allows people get the truth from those in the thick of a situation where there is controversy.
Thank you Olly for the eye opener on real life.

Chris B.
12th February 2018 - Facebook

This is a great current affairs show that covers factual issues not covered by the FAKEstream media. Please support this page and tune in.

Daniel C.
12th January 2018 - Facebook

Andy G.
25th September 2017 - Facebook

Amazing show that tells it as it is, REAL news on REAL issue's & has some great guests too! 5*

Selina B.
27th February 2019 - Facebook

I love this program, great topics, so authentic, not the same old drivel that you get on mainstream media.

Pahki B.
26th November 2017 - Facebook

Awesome shows !! Great topics discussed with knowledgeable folks .. plus listener comments adds to experience �

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