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Brave New World - A Summary

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For those who have not read the book or watched the movie Brave New World here's a very quick summary. 

Brave new world is one of the most inspiring and prescient novels of the 20th century (it was first published in 1932). In the future it portrays, humanity has achieved its final goal: happiness, understood as the ability of each person to satisfy his/her impulses almost immediately. Achieving this goal means leaving science, religion, and most of our culture in the way. In this perfect world people have all the sex and TV they want, hyper consumption is a social virtue, and books are denigrated because they promote individualism. Sounds familiar?


If you have time you can watch the whole movie here. Forget the one from the 1998 because curiously it does cut out a lot of stuff and even makes up its own stuff so is hardly considered a Aldous Huxley version of Brave New World. 


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