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Journalist Claims Republican Voters Would Rather Burn Entire Neighborhood Than Rent Rooms To Non-Whites  

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A New York Times columnist has caused outrage after saying that, if given a choice between having a non-white tenant or burning their house down, many Republican voters would chose to set fire to the whole neighborhood.


The journalist, Wajahat Ali, argued that such racist sentiment is quite common among caucasian Republicans.

RT reports: Ali, who is the Times’ contributing op-ed writer and was formerly a CNN commentator, raised quite a few eyebrows when he tweeted the claim on Sunday.

“I hope people realize that there are many white Republican voters in this country if they’re given a choice between renting a room in their house to a person of color or burning down the house, they will elect to burn down the entire neighborhood,” he tweeted.

The journalist argued that such sentiment is quite common among caucasian Republicans, adding: “It’s not just a small fringe.”


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The reliability of this story ended for me when the Journalist was quoted from the New York Times of all places. The same news source that perpetuated the Russian Election Meddling hoax and most recently the Russia pays Arabs to kill US Troops Story that collapsed a few days ago. 


That's why this Story is in Fakestream 🙂 


Let's not forget the Democrats are the ones with extensive Histories on Systemic Racism. For those who are not familiar with the story I invite you to do some research on how California was really founded. 


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