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BLM: police running...
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BLM: police running scared in London, literally...  


Olly Connelly
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22nd June 2020 15:46 pm  
When is the media going to start asking questions about who funds BLM and why?
This is London, c/o successive globalist governments, foreign agents, the BBC and fakestream virtue signallers generally, the Tony Blairs / Theresa Mays / John Bercows / Sadiq Khans of this world, courtesy of a corrupted judiciary and civil service, a politicised police, with special credit to George Soros and the plutocratic deep state, to Common Purpose, to politically correct claptrap, with lashings of peer pressure, topped off with complacency galore, et cetera-ra-ra...
(What a shithole we're fostering. Do you still feel safe?)

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