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Subject to reality, my hat is oven-ready.

He's gone on record to say we're leaving on WTO's, after all, an Oz-style deal he calls it.

Frost is still negotiating behind the scenes tho', suggest reports, meaning this announcement is somewhat tepid, but actually, you know what and hats off, really it's the best of both worlds, and publicly made means it is hard to backtrack from unless the EU really do see sense over our sovereignty and negotiate reasonably at the last.

Frankly I am surprised, this is Boris' best day so far as PM (not that that is difficult).

So here are the options:-

1. The EU will now almost certainly offer a deal that is more akin to Canada+, because that would be in their interests.

2. Trump's election is stolen, and then Boris fudges our way into a worse EU deal, although today he made that less likely, some Churchill at bloody last.

3. Reading the runes as it were, I wonder if he and the 'smart money' have decided that Trump will win an uncontested (or briefly contested more likely in this scenario) US election after all, meaning the US can have and will have our back, and that prospect is most exciting of all as it would give the UK carte blanche for true Brexit and with a US trade alliance on tow, also good down the line for things like Five Eyes and for the Commonwealth. PLUS...

... the other ramification of this is this:-

* GLOBALIST FASCISM IS NIGH ON DEAD and here's to a new age of self-determination with less plutocratic interference.

* Fingers crossed for option 3.

Boris' announcement...

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