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CHILD & SOCIAL ABUSE through social conditioning at school  


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24th June 2020 6:19 am  

As a parent thinking about my child been abused by schools is a sickening thought as im sure it is to any other person out there.

So when i say the schools are abusing our children what i meen by that is by forcing children to isolate themselves at school away from friends and peers has a damaging psycological effect on the brain, As humans we are dependant upon socalisation its a key skill for humans to form socitys and its as a child when we learn these vital skills.

I think they are doing this on purpose to sabotage our children and make they more susseptable to the elites grand plan if we dont speak out against this form of child abuse now then it will be too late for the minds of our young vunerable children.

Please is you have a child and you are sending them back to school please please think about what effect that will have on your childs brain development and social skills.

Im not an expert by any meens but i am scientiffically minded and i do research everyday about various different topics but this one has realy gotten too me as i have a child currently having to go back to school while another has been told shes not aloud back (same school) and when i got told about the new rules introduced and how the school day would take place it sickened me to the core as i knew about the damage this would cause so i looked up more online and im certain that this should not be happening in schools to our children.

Speak out we need to unite to stop this.


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