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POLL: Civil war by Summer 2021?  


Olly Connelly
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9th July 2020 6:49 am  

The 'Marxist' left seems hellbent, the 'libertarian' right is getting fed up.

  1. If Trump wins, will the globalist-funded left go full-on berserk? Civil war?
  2. If Biden wins, will the tea party right take out their guns? Civil war?

One thing we should know from the 2020 story, the path to #election2020 will see the Democratic media spin every line in every column in each and every story to try to push a Dem win. The media, by and large, has set itself up as enemy number one, the mechanism of divide-rule. We're all the victims of that, both sides of the political divide: its murder by newsprint.

Now it's about to go full-on crazy. How can this division end gracefully? Can it?

Personally, I doubt it can, and it seems to me that this election - whether it is held or not - will be the flash point.

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