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COVID: Houston Doc says hydroxychloroquine works, accuses Big Pharma of political cover-up  


Olly Connelly
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28th July 2020 11:58 am  

Houston doctor: "There is a cure for covid. It's called #hydroxychloroquine, it's called zinc, it's called zitromax."

WATCH THIS: https://twitter.com/i/status/1287905496104484871

Seems to me there's a few folks perfectly happy to see lots if not millions of folks die if only they can destroy this POTUS to prop up global fascism and keep from going to jail.

...Seems to me Twatter and Fakebook's fact-checkers are right up there too.

See you over at dailychaos.news, where we aren't getting censored by DemocrAntiFas working for Soros' nephew Zuckerzits.

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