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HUNTERlaptop: Trump's Impeachment, the #BidenCrimeFamily, COVID-19 & the FBI  


Olly Connelly
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20th October 2020 20:07 pm  

Trump was impeached, 'officially', because he asked the Ukrainian Acting President to investigate Hunter Biden's business in Ukraine.

As it turned out, there is video evidence from Joe Biden himself that not only had there been dubious dealings but that the Vice President had used his Office's influence to curtail a relevant investigation into his son's firm, Burisma. Here it is.

Now it comes out, from Hunter Biden's laptop that was delivered to them in 2019, that the FBI knew about the Biden family's dubious Ukrainian business and that those implicated misuse of the Vice Presidency.

Instead of presenting that evidence and shutting down the political impeachment, the FBI sat on the Biden emails.

...That not only allowed the progression of a cynical impeachment of a sitting President, it also meant that the House of Representatives was diverted by political chicanery at a time, specifically, when it should have been considering how best to protect the American people from a new great threat, coronavirus, where it was estimated that 2.2 million US citizens could die.

The FBI has a lot of explaining to do, along with Joe Biden, as do the Democrats, as does the media and, now, as do Facebook and Twitter.

#deepState #election2020 #drainTheSwamp

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