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NO TRUMP = NO BREXIT (Actually Brexit becomes the least of our problems.)  


Olly Connelly
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18th September 2020 9:35 am  

The US election is on November 3rd. We may never know the result, that is already an intriguing bet. That the media doesn't seem to merit this unprecedented state of affairs as being newsworthy is shocking in itself. By now, anyone barely researched should know why, just as we should question how reckless international lockdowns based on dubious science may well be being used as a means to press the case for US postal ballots. That sounds 'tall', huh... or it would have done so, not so long ago.

TRUMP IS FAR FROM A SHOE-IN. Civil war is arguably a better punt (whoever 'wins'). Too many necks at stake, too many crony contracts to be forged when the US is allowed once again to go to war for profit, etc. Mostly, the decades-long plan for the "New World Order" is on the line. The Deep State is cornered and is setting up a do or die campaign to oust their nemesis. And they don't care who does die in the process. (Two junior Republican staffers were shot, one killed, just yesterday in Minneapolis. No, course it wasn't on the news!)

BREXIT, ACCORDINGLY, IS FAR FROM A SHOE-IN. Brexiteers need to think long and hard about this. You trust Boris? His overriding 'accomplishment' so far is threatening the very Union with an Irish Sea border (plus our ECB exposure remains which could bankrupt us, plus he supports May's autocratic - zero Commons debate, media silent as per - signing up to the UN Migration Compact which makes our borders irrelevant, plus he supports May's crippling carbon target which might also bankrupt us ta very much and despite China doing nothing, oh and then there's Huawei which is still entangled for many years yet at the least, oh and his regime literally escorts illegally migrating young men of fighting age into the country and, oh dear, we're living under soft Martial law for a trace death rate and even that figure is hyped according to the gov's own docs). Er, but he's trying to reverse the Irish Sea border, or so events suggest? We shall see, but I doubt it, given the other points in this paragraph. BoJo is not an honest man, he's a charmer, and his record, on record, is abysmal.

Really my point is, please, don't trust career politicians by default, especially when they decided to be PM even before their balls had dropped. Easily bought.

BoJo is not our 'Mr Brexit'. Trump is.


...and worse, a world order that will pivot fast to China which, as we have witnessed, has the UN in its pocket.

November 2020 isn't just a US election, it's a once in a century event that will change the whole world, giving us either a positive opportunity to redeem the idiocracy we have become, else to become consumed by the very same totalitarianism whose marshals already have set up that preparatory divide-rule-fuelled stupidity.

If we do care about Brexit and/or democracy, about culture, common decency, about liberty, then we'd best pray not for a mere win but for a Trump landslide. Nothing else will do, I fear, and reading articles such as this, linked below, it may be that even the complete drubbing of Biden won't avert civil war (which may offshoot elsewhere as a cheery final point.)

Don't have nightmares. Have conversations. Perhaps some of those with God.


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