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TRUMP-BREXIT: Inextricably linked fortunes.

Olly Connelly
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Boris’ tune today should have been May’s the day she became PM with a single mandate to deliver: Brexit.
“Talk trade properly or ciao.”
We have wasted years and implemented a dangerous withdrawal agreement that can now only be rescinded by arguing, however correctly, that the EU has failed in “best faith negotiations”.
Anyone would think the idea was to kick the can down the road until Trump could be derailed, therefrom delivering Brino. Some I daresay still retain that hope, and they might yet get their way.
Patriotic British people have much to thank our patriotic Stateside cousins for, and vice versa. Not since WW2 have our countries’ prospective fortunes been so intertwined: Brexit helped Trump 1 and Trump 2 will secure true Brexit. How poetic that should be.
#election2020 is the key.

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