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COVID-19/SOCIAL-DISTANCING CHILD/SOCIETY concerns: Letter to UK Ed. Sec. Gavin Williamson MP

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This letter may be personalised and sent not only to Mr Williamson but to local MPs, representatives, school boards, head teachers, councillors, relevant charities etc.


Dear Mr Williamson,

I am writting to you with concern regarding the social distancing regulations in schools and how they may affect our children and society more broadly.

As I daresay you are aware, during the early years of a childs life, it is one of the most vital aspects of the brain's development to socialise freely with other children; we teach them to share and to be kind to others and to always include others when playing games.

I have spent years teaching my kids these core values that benefit society and now due to a virus - of which we are informed has 98% survivability and of the remaining 2% only around 0.003% constitutes a risk of child death - are we really to believe that the best course of action is to create an anti-social and scaremongering climate with our nation's youth? Are we not in danger of damaging the mental development of our youngsters by not allowing them to learn these core social skills at school? Actually, is this not a form of child abuse with a long-term knock-on effect to society as a whole?

Kindly validate your claim as to why these rules are science-based, reasonable and sensible and, as our Education Secretary with a clear responsibility to both children and to the country, please address as a matter of urgency the psychological damage that these new rules placed in schools affecting the development of our children and their longer-term ability to function well in a healthy society. Surely you have a duty to qualify properly the need to imperil our children's vital socialization skills upon which they and our society will rely into the distant future.

I write this letter in good faith, as a worried parent and as a caring citizen, and would impress upon you, please, to reconsider and to address these logical misgivings about child social-distancing and to rethink the Government's policy that appears to many of us, candidly, a knee-jerk and poorly judged, impracticable social policy with anti-social long-term ramifications.

Yours sincerely,


A concerned parent.




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